Collects RICCI EVERYDAY information using e -mail magazine and apps☆

Hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you?

Recently, I wonder if it suddenly became warm, and the temperature difference was continuing when it became cold soon ...!

I want you to wear spring clothes soon (laughs)

Today, we will tell you about the appeal of the e -mail magazine distributed on RICCI EVERYDAY and the RICCI EVERYDAY official app in this column!

I think you can discover again, "This is being distributed!", So please check it out.♡

table of contents

1. What are e -mail magazines and official apps?

2. Introducing the contents of the e -mail magazine

3. Introducing the contents of the app

Four. Download the app!

Five. last

1. What are e -mail magazines and official apps?

In the first place, I will explain what kind of information they send in the first place.☝

·e-mail magazine


POINT 1): Detailed to your e -mail address, distributing RICCI EVERYDAY online store arrival information, deals, column information, event information, etc.!

POINT②: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday distribution three times. The distribution content is different for each day of the week, and you can see the information together!

POINT3: Send information that only the registered person can know ...!

・ RICCIEVERYDAY official app


POINT 1): You can see the content (columns, YouTube videos, virtual stores, official app -only content) and shopping distributed by RICCIEVERYDAY with one app.

POINT②: You can see the content together and enjoy it!

POINT3: When distributing app -only coupons ...!

POINT 3: If you use the app, you can access the site with one touch.

In this way, the e -mail magazine and the official app have their own charm!

If you bring both e -mail magazines and official apps, I think you can cover information!

2. Introducing the contents of the e -mail magazine

As mentioned earlier, the e -mail magazine is distributed three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here are some of the contents distributed on each day of the week.♪

① Friday

Contents: Product information that arrives at the online store every Friday at 21:00

In particular, we introduce the hot items in the e -mail magazine on Friday. In addition, we introduce planning and campaigns.

It is convenient because you can access the site from the e -mail magazine after knowing the charm of the product.♪


② Monday

Contents: Deepen the products from the products arrived on the previous Friday

We introduce products that are different from the product information on Friday, and we are deepening the charm.

Monday is a tendency to be as bad as "Blue Mandy", but if you look at colorful items at the end of Monday, you will feel better.


③ Wednesday

Contents: Comments, column information, events, Popup information, etc. from Chiizu Nakamoto


Wednesday e -mail magazine begins with comments from the representative Nakamoto Chizu.

You can read real stories, such as the story of Nakamoto's events during a business trip, everyday, and business!

We distribute columns every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so we also introduce column information.

Actually, I write columns from various aspects, so please take a look.♪


In addition, we have updated events held at Kagurazaka Showroom and Popup information at department stores nationwide.

In this way, the e -mail magazine is a treasure trove of information! You can get core information♪

Registration of e -mail magazineHerefrom.

If you scroll the RICCI EVERYDAY online site to the bottom, there is a registration column, so just register your email address there! Please feel free to register.


3. Introducing the contents of the app

The app is a surprisingly useful item that allows you to see various contents from shopping to columns, YouTube, and Instagram.

Recently, the content of the app has been renewed little by little, so I will introduce a little opportunity.♪

(1) In the push notification, we will send you the focusing product information of the arrival items of the week earlier than the e -mail magazine or Instagram.


Basically, we have a push notification every Wednesday. It is recommended for those who say "I want to know what will arrive this week!"

② From new items to columns, YouTube, and Kagurazaka Showroom Visit, you can see it on one page

Scroll with your finger to see most information and content♪


You can also see the latest columns, seasonal campaigns and columns introducing projects.

③ App limited: Distribution of original wallpaper

Every month, the calendar wallpaper for the next month is created and distributed.

Uganda Kobo's staff and RICCI EVERYDAY items are modeled as models, drawing cute illustrations.♡


It looks like this when you wait! I'm relaxed ~♪

④ App limited: SNAP

"I don't know what kind of coordination to coordinate!"


Snap is recommended for those who say. Coordination photos are posted for each product.

( * The lineup will continue to increase!)


I would be glad if you could form your own coordination with reference to this SNAP photo.♪

In addition, there are virtual stores and VOICY in Nakamoto Chitsu, so please check out the content page.

Please enjoy the RICCIEVERYDAY official app.

Four. Download the app!

Click here to download the app!

Download from Apple Store

Download from Google Play

Five. last

How was it? I would be grateful if you could feel the appeal of the e -mail magazine and the official RICCIEVERYDAY app.

Register your e -mail magazine and download the official app and become a RICCI EVERYDAY mania! (smile)

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