In the exciting space with colorful items and smart storage techniques! Interior items appear for a limited time♪

Hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

February is in the middle, and it's almost spring! Isn't there a lot of people who are preparing little by little for the exciting new year?


This time, we will introduce the perfect interior items for everyone who starts a new life.


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1. RICCI EVERYDAY interior items list

2. Various ways to use! Store wisely and clean the room

3. Cute just to decorate♡Decoration using African items

Four. lastly

1. RICCI EVERYDAY interior items list


The interior item introduced for a limited time from February 17 (Fri) to February 26, 2023 (Sun) is based on storage and decoration.


Cushion Cover

・ Tissue box case

・ Box storage case

・ Wall pocket

・ Tapestry

・ Cafe curtain

・ Storage porch S / M / L3 points set

・ Kiki Branket

・ Slipper 2 pairs set


2. Various ways to use! Store wisely and clean the room


RICCI EVERYDAY items are not just cute! You can make a clean and colorful room by using items that combine functionality.

① Cushion cover (¥ 4,180)


Of course, it is good to use it for cushions on sofas and beds, but I would like to recommend it three.


1-1 as a storage bag for bags

I want to keep my favorite bags carefully. This cushion cover can be used in such a case!

In terms of RICCI EVERYDAY products, it also contains Achero bag 4WAY38.



1-2 as a toilet paper case

If you store the toilet paper you bought on a shelf, you will feel a sense of life. With a cushion cover, it can be stored colorfully and cute.♡



1-3 As a travel bag

If you go on a trip, I want to make the contents of the bag cute! Recommended usage for those who are. You can sort your suitcase neatly with clothes, underwear, and dryer.



② Box storage case (¥ 3,520)


A box storage case that can be suspended on a strut or rack, or can be used on the floor.



When not in use, you can fold it compactly.

The role of such a box storage case is not only as a shelf to put a towel or a book in the washroom!


2-1 in your own hobby space

If you arrange RICCI EVERYDAY accessories and African miscellaneous goods, it will be an African space at once!

Of course, it is also recommended to create a happy space to line up the recommended goods.♡


2-2 Put on the shelf

If it is a shelf with a wide width, it is recommended to put a box storage case as a partition. If you want to change a little room, if you move the box storage case, you can move the things inside together, so it will be a time saving! smile

③ Wall pocket (¥ 3,850)


A convenient item that can be used anywhere with a hanger and can be stored compactly. It might be a good idea to put it in a locker in a company or lab and keep the things and sweets you need for work!


As a trial, I experimented with how many things would fit in the wall pocket.


It may be a bit confusing in the photo, but I was able to put a lot!

There are many pockets, so it looks good to store various kinds of small items ... If you have so many pockets, you will be wondering what to put in.

④ Storage pouch S ・ M ・ L (S/¥ 2,750/M/¥ 3,300/L/¥ 3,850)


A popular storage porch when a lot of things are entered in a compact size. As a bag -in -bag, it has a handle, so you can bring this pouch to a hot spring or beach.

In addition, since the size is different from S / M / L, it can be used according to the application.

The capacity of each size is like this.


《S size》

Three towels will fit in.


《M size》

Thick sweater can be stored!


"L size >>

You can afford the batting jacket.


If you use a storage porch, the troublesome (?) Packing will be fun.



The storage porch will also be held with the same pattern S, M, L3 set, or a special campaign that will be 10%off if you purchase your favorite pattern and size with 3 points!

3. Cute just to decorate♡Decoration using African items


It is also recommended to bring accents in the corner of the room using African plint items.

① Tapestry


Tapestry that can be enjoyed as a wall, bed, and carpet.

It is used with a hagire, all of which do not cover the color and pattern. Please choose your favorite color and pattern according to the atmosphere of the room!


② Cafe curtain


Recommended items for those who want to eliminate the sense of life. If you have a strut, you can incorporate it anywhere, so how about a room accent?

It is also recommended to use multiple with the same pattern and the same color!


③ Kiki Branket


A Kiko Branket that can be enjoyed regardless of the season with a calm shade. With a smooth touch, even if you work in a slightly cold room as well as a knee hanging, it is a little stylish space even if you do not use it!



④ Slipper 2 pair set


It is a set of 2 pairs of the same pattern of slippers using African plastic. It is convenient to use with your family, use it for visitors, and have two pairs of slippers!

With African slippers, your room's feet will be gorgeous at once.♪



4. Finally


How was it?

Interior items are introduced from February 17 (Fri) to February 26 (Sun).

Would you like to incorporate new accessories for the new year?


At the RICCI EVERYDAY Kagurazaka Showroom, you can actually pick up interior items from February 18 (Sat). pleasePreliminary reservationPlease come♪

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