Color the face around the face gorgeously♪African plastic NEW accessories appear!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

There is Valentine's Day next week! Do you have any nice plans? I do not have! (Laughs) But I'm thinking about buying a delicious chocolate cake.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce the "grape piercing" which appeared on February 10 (Fri) today. It is a colorful, playful and delicate design pierced earrings. It's perfect for the coming season when your outfits become gorgeous! Please read it to the end♪

1. What is grape piercing?

2. I compared it with Star Pierce

3. Color variations

Four. in conclusion

1. What is grape piercing?

Grape piercing is a pierced earring designed in the image of grapes, as the name suggests.

Grapes / ¥ 6,820 (tax included)

It shakes like a grape that grows, and each time the African plint shows various expressions.

One fruit swaying under the bunch of grapes creates a more elegant atmosphere.

The round parts that form grapes are wrapped in paper beads made of paper in an African clin. By RICCI EVERYDAY's Uganda Kobo staff, it is carefully made by hand.

And what a small studs on each of the round parts.


This flickering and glowing studs give a delicate impression.

The effect of the swaying design and studs does not become too casual, so it will definitely be useful when you go out!

This grape piercing was actually made in collaboration between Uganda and Japanese women.

The round parts are Uganda, and the combination of grapes is in the Japanese NPO "MAM'S STYLE", which supports women raising children in various circumstances such as single -parent households. They are the women to which they belong. This is also carefully manufactured by hand.

Uganda women and Japanese women in collaboration.

Please feel the warmth of them.

2. I compared it with Star Pierce

Speaking of earrings made by connecting these round parts, it appeared last year.StarpierThat's right! (This is also today's arrival items! Don't miss it)

I compared the wearing feeling of grape piercing and the feeling of wearing Starpier. Please refer to it when purchasing!

First, grape piercing.



The thickness of the bunch of grapes makes the face around the face gorgeous. The swinging grain below has a good taste ~♪

Next is Starpier Long.


The overall length of the grape piercing is about 8.5 mm, and the star piercing long is about 9㎝. The grape piercing is slightly shorter.

Next is Starpier Short.


The overall length of the Starpier Short is about 8 cm, so grape piercing is a little longer.

Even if you use the same African plint, the atmosphere is completely different between grape earrings and star piercings.

Starpier is a unique atmosphere and seems to be suitable for mode dress.

The grape piercing has an atmosphere that seems to be suitable for gorgeous and dressy outfits!

Please choose what you like.♪

3. Color variations

Then, I would like to show some of the grape piercing color variations that will arrive today.


Indeed! A grape color.


There is also a pale purple.


The juicy orange color is also wonderful!


This blue color is the one who really likes it ...!


The multi -color with a pop atmosphere is also ants!

The tension rises just by looking at the colorful color variations ...! (Sigh)

Which color do you like? There are still many other colors in the online store, so please check it out.♪

Four. in conclusion

How was the new grape piercing?

Actually, the RICCI EVERYDAY Kagurazaka Showroom has become a popular item with Starpier, but I think this grape piercing is likely to be popular ...!

(After all, many people like the gorgeousness and delicacy when they actually match their face).

Purchase of grape piercingonline storeYou can do it.

In the Kagurazaka Showroom, you can actually choose according to your face. pleasePreliminary reservationPlease come. We'll be expecting you♪

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