[Event Repo] I ordered a color dress at the online semi -order meeting!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I feel warm in the sun (although it's really faint), and I have a feeling of spring. How are you all?

This time, I would like to report on the "online semi -order meeting" held at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom on Saturday, January 28.

Actually, I have only one in the world at this eventColored dress(RICCI EVERYDAY's clothes items) have been ordered! We will deliver the situation, so please enjoy it to the end.♪

1. What is an online semi -order meeting?

2. Order a long -awaited color dress♪

3. in conclusion

1. What is an online semi -order meeting?

The online semi -order meeting is a ZOOM of Uganda's African plastic cloth market and Kagurazaka Showroom, select your favorite pattern from among the African plints in the local fabric shop, and give your favorite RICCI EVERYDAY items. It is an event where you can make it.

The representative, Nakamoto, who is staying in Uganda, will broadcast from the site and buy the cloth we chose. It is a project that allows customers to feel the excitement of "choosing from 0", choosing something that Nakamoto usually feels and encountered in the field!

2. Order a long -awaited color dress♪

From here on, we will deliver the event.


The order meeting starts by connecting the Kagurazaka Showroom and Uganda market by ZOOM!

While wifi is sometimes interrupted (laughs), select the one you care about from the pile of African plints.


Looking at the images reflected by Nakamoto, I look for the patterns I envision each, such as "Stop, stop, stop!", "It's more right!" 。


I choose from this, so I don't know what kind of pattern it is until I spread it. It's a difficult place and a fun place!

I took advantage of the participating customers and ordered the color dress I had always wanted.


While having a cloth match with Nakamoto like this, I imagined the result and chose it.

And here is the pattern I chose!


It's pretty flashy (laughs)

The green roses and pink leaves were chosen vivid patterns in the blue background.

I ordered a rose pattern in the colored skirt part! I'm really looking forward to the result♪

Other participants also ordered and ordered the desired pattern.

The items ordered by the participants are colored dresses, Zakuzakuto, eco, and eco -circle white that I ordered!

What kind of pattern do you order?

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Online semi -order meetings where you can order RICCI EVERYDAY items with your own pattern, and if you hold it, please join us.♪

Kagurazaka Showroom holds various events every month. "February" "2023 Spring / Summer New]. Introducing new items this spring and this summer that Nakamoto brought back from Uganda. You can make a purchase reservation and apply for a pre -order guide on the spot. If you are interested, please make a reservation and participate!

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