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Hello. This is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In a blink of an eye, the cold became full -fledged.

I'm not good at cold (I'm not good at hot), so I'm waiting for spring to spring.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce items of RICCI EVERYDAY that can be used in unisex!

I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

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1. 7 items that can be used in unisex

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1. 7 items that can be used in unisex

Here are seven items that are easy to use in unisex in RICCI Everyday.

Zakuzaku Tote(¥8,360)

First, a large -capacity tote bag Zakuzakkotort.

Isn't it very easy to hold a vivid African print with a simple design?

It's cute even if you hold it together ~♪

Akello Pochette38(¥11,550)

* The photo shows the conventional series Akeropo Shet.

Akello Pochette38 is the smallest bag of the Akero 38 series.

It can be used as a bag in bag as well as a pochette.

It seems that some customers are used as golf cart bags!

When you go to a golf course, the luggage will eventually increase.

Akello PochetteIf you are 38, you can bring everything you need, such as a water bottle, golf ball, tea, towel, sunscreen, tissue, etc.!

Because it is a small size, it is very convenient without taking up space on the cart.

Document case(¥3,630)

It is convenient to carry notes, documents, and pen.

You can enjoy fashionable with colorful African prints at work and school!

File PC case(¥6,820)

A case required for carrying a PC.

There is a pocket outside the case, so you can put a pen or the like.


Convenient smartphone shoulder.

Accent to a simple T -shirt and jeans with African plinting Mochet♪


In addition to the smartphone, you can go out with keys and coins in the outer pocket and go out by itself.



Eco -bag with a simple shape.

It is an item that is easy to incorporate bright colors because the shape is simple!

The perfect size for everyday use.

Akero leather(¥25,300)

Akero leather, which has appeared from RICCI EVERYDAY's icon bags, is also perfect for unisex.

Sophisticated impression with leather texture.

2. At the end

What did you think?

It may be a good idea to share and use items that are easy to use in unisex with your family!

Also, isn't it nice to be a gift tailored to Valentine and White Day?


Among the items introduced this time, the Akero leather, Eco, and document cases are on Friday, February 3rd this storeIt is a stock item! Please choose your favorite pattern.

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