Limited quantity! This year's Valentine's White Day season has a special set packed with cute♡


Hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Valentine is approaching! I enjoy and compare various chocolates around various kinds of venues like every year.

Is there a chocolate brand you are aiming for?

By the way, this time, it is an introduction of a special gift set that is perfect for the season when such a chocolate is not exhausted.

This year, RICCI EVERYDAY has prepared a gift set with a cuteness as a "Thanks with Love Wrapping Set".♡

1. Gift set contents

2. About chocolate

3. About cookies

Four. Private recommended points

Five. lastly

1. Gift set contents

This year, in addition to the items of African prints, we will introduce chocolate, which was very popular last year, and a cookie set in the shape of ankero bag.

As the Valentine season is approaching, you can give a higher -grade gift to yourself and to your loved ones.

There are three types, and the furoshiki pattern is different, so please choose your favorite pattern and items!

① Palm Hira doll set (¥ 2,860 tax included)

A cute palm -sized stuffed animal.

If you decorate the table, shelves, bedside, etc. as an interior, the place will be gorgeous!



It is also a recommended point that you can easily give it as a present.


② Cube pouch set (¥ 3,960 tax included)

A convenient cube pouch. I have been using one as a gadget case and one as a sanitary supplies case for more than 3 years.

The nice point is that it is an exquisite size that fits in a mini bag!


A small pouch is useful, so it is recommended for yourself and for gifts!

③ Message Eco Set (¥ 5,280 tax included)

A very popular message. It is a waste of cute pattern to use it as an eco bag.♡


The attraction of the message Eco is

・ The message we want to convey is written

・ Because it is folded compactly, it is a big success in various scenes


It is recommended to carry it because it is a size that does not get in the way even if it is put in a bag.

These gift sets will be wrapped in an African print.


African plinting can be enjoyed in a variety of uses, such as bento wrapping, handkerchief, and bag accent.☆

2. About chocolate

NOOKS Foods (Nuks Foods), which provides chocolate, aims to create foods that care about the other person, with the intention of "good for the body and make it delicious", using natural ingredients, with a solid seasoning, one by one. I make it carefully.

Chocolate uses a cacao provided by Farm of Africa, which has a cacao farm in Uganda. The cacao is coated with France's dark chocolate.


* Photo provision: Farm of Africa

In fact, Farm of Africa's cacao was also exhibited at the chocolate festival "Salon Du Chocolat" held in Paris, France in 2022!🍫

Cacao, which is made from production from production, has a fragrance and has a taste that can be enjoyed regardless of gender and age.

It is a chocolate that goes well with wine as well as coffee and tea.

3. About cookies

The cookies are shaped like an akero bag, and the icing expresses the colorful of African plint. It's too cute to eat♡


This cookie isSweets artistAkina Ayabe。 We have been trained in Sugar Craft in the UK, and in France at 5 -star hotels, and currently produces confectionery classes and made custom -made sweets.

Four. Private recommended points

We have introduced three kinds of gift sets, but I will introduce my recommended points.

① Palm Hira doll set

This is a recommended gift regardless of gender or age. Animaldor with a cute size and cute face is healed just by looking at it.


It is also recommended for those who want to give something to those who are taking care of them, but are looking for something that can be given casually without hesitation!

② Cube pouch set

This is recommended for working women. This is because it is an excellent thing that can cleanly summarize small items such as work bags and around desk.

In addition, the cube porch is more attached than it looks, so it is recommended to put a snack.♡


③ Message Eco Set

This is recommended for students and those who usually carry smartphone pops!

Because it is an eco -bag with no lining, you can not put a lot of heavy things, but you can also use a PC, pen case, pouch, etc. as a commuting bag. It is also recommended when you want to work a little at a cafe.


In addition, even those who usually go out with a smartphone shet or mini bag, the message echo can be folded and carried, so it is very useful in case of emergency.


I also go out with a combination of a mini bag and a message echo!

Five. lastly

How was it?

Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Set is for a limited time until March 12 (Sun), but it will end as soon as the stock is gone.

We also introduce popular patterns, so if you are interested, please check the online store as soon as possible!

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