Information on Clan Marche held♡

Hello, I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's still cold and it's cold, but when you look at clothes in the city, you'll find spring items and feel the speed of the changing season.

How are you all?

By the way, this time we will introduce the cloth Marche to be held from 1/20 (Fri) to 2/19 (Sun).

1. About cloth Marche

2. in conclusion

1. About cloth Marche

A project that allows you to enjoy African plints will be held for a limited time from 1/20 (Fri) to 2/19 (Sun).

Would you like to make an item that colors your house?

African print / 50cm: ¥ 1430 (tax included)

The fabric is sold in 50cm units, so you can purchase according to the application!

You can use anything from clothes to interior items.

I'm excited about what to make♪

What can you make?

African Campurin Hagire Set / ¥ 1320 (tax included)


It is a set of 10 pieces of African plastic Hagile. ( * The combination of the pattern is an example)

Patchwork, pasting on something, and how to enjoy it is endless☆

Fabric Animal Mask Kit / ¥ 2530 (tax included)


It is a set of animal masks and hagire.

You can cut and paste the hagire and make only one interior ethn in the world.

There is no doubt that it will brighten your room by decorating the wall or decorating on the shelf! !

Fabric panel kit / ¥ 3080 (tax included)


It is a set of white canvas and hagire

It is good to put one cloth! You can combine some of them!

You can also decorate it on the wall and enjoy it

2. in conclusion

How was it?

Please take this opportunity to make your own original item!


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