New life support campaign! Introducing reviews of 5%off items♪


Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, I'm happy to walk in the warm and cheerful and my tension is rising! It's nice to have a season when you don't need jackets.

It seems that it is still cold in the morning and evening, and there are cold days during the day, so I want to keep my physical condition well.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce a perfect campaign to celebrate the arrival of spring (?). I will do my best in a new environment from this spring! I want to start the new year with a fresh feeling! For those who say, we will hold a new life support campaign!

1. What is a new life support campaign?

2. Introducing the target items and word of mouth

3. in conclusion

1. What is a new life support campaign?

It is a campaign that the perfect item to start a new life is 5 % off.

Why do not you prepare items that are close to your new beginning on RICCI EVERYDAY?

There are five target items:

・ Naroho bag

・ Make -up pouch

・ File PC case

・ Document case

·book cover

Please note that the online store will be sold until March 31 (Fri) at 23:59 for file PC cases and document cases. For more informationHerePlease refer to the.

2. Introducing the target items and word of mouth

Five items for the campaign will be introduced along with the word of mouth from customers who actually came to the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom!

Naroho bag

Needless to say, RICCI EVERYDAY classic leather items. Many people buy it in a work bag.


What African plints are used on the entire surface are difficult to use at work ... but it's boring for those who are boring. Express your own color with an African print that pops out when you open the lid!


There is also a zippered pocket, so it is safe to store small items.♪

The customer said, "African prints that can be seen from the gaps are fashionable." It may be an ant to choose a lining based on the color that you can see from the gap ...!


Makeup pouch

RICCI EVERYDAY's popular item, makeup porch. This is also a campaign target item.


Since the makeup porch is a strange item, it is characterized by many people who are selected for gifts, as well as for themselves.

We have been introduced for a long time that it can be used for various purposes, such as makeup tools, lunch boxes, and sewing tools. (Detailed columnsHere!)


The customer came up with the idea that it would be just right to store children's toys when they went out, because of the large number of pockets and pockets!


When you go, just click the string. It is perfect for collecting luggage when going out, which tends to be busy, as it has the trouble of organizing.

Use endless use! Please find your favorite usage.

File PC case

I just wanted this! And a file PC case that many people take. It is a perfect item for those who want to carry laptops cute.


The feature of the file PC case is the pocket on the outside. This pocket does a good job.

It is perfect for storing paper materials and notebooks required when working on a personal computer. You don't have to carry that big clear file that tends to protrude from the bag.

I myself use it every day (although it's a small size around), but it's very easy to use! I really recommend it.

Also, since it is a refreshing form, it is also a point that it can fit in the bag and fit well.

(It was a word of mouth from me lol)

Document case

You can organize the inside of the messed up bag.


The good thing about this item is that you can store documents, notebooks, writing utensils, etc. together!

Customers are just right to store tablets together! I am receiving a voice.


The compatibility with the Naroho bag is also outstanding!

book cover

Why don't you read a new year, a new life, a new season, and a new book?

In that case, please try to accompany the RICCI EVERYDAY book cover. The time to read a book must be more fun.


The book cover has a bookmark.

At the end of the Shiori ribbon is a paper beads decoration! It's a difficult production.

Recently, the number of people who read books in e -books may be increasing, but maybe many people want to read them on paper? (I am so)

Please try to improve your new knowledge and sensibilities with the RICCI EVERYDAY book cover in the new season.♪

3. in conclusion

You can get items you use every day at a great priceNew life support campaign

Why don't you take this opportunity to renew your surroundings?

Look at the product