Introduction of items that are just right for cherry blossom viewing

Hello. This is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Is it warm and cherry blossoms are coming soon?

Not only cherry blossoms, but also weather and air smell of spring, and I spend my time happy every day.

This time, we will introduce RICCI EVERYDAY items that are perfect for the cherry blossom viewing that everyone will be!

Please read it to the end.

table of contents

1. Introduction

2. At the end

1. Introduction



Eco bags are convenient at any time.

At the time of cherry blossom viewing, you often bring food and drinks from your home.

In such a case, it is convenient to put it in a light bag quickly, isn't it?♪

In addition, you can add springiness to the coordination even if you choose the pattern and color!

This is a popular big flower pattern.

The floral pattern is always cute.

The second one isMochette(¥ 3,520).


Moshet is a so -called smartphone -shoulder that can store smartphones completely.

By sliding the Mochette, the hands are not closed and it is convenient for leisure such as cherry blossom viewing!

Apart from the main bag, you can slant the Mochette.

Some people use Moshet in the house.

It is useful at home to be able to hold your smartphone empty -handed.

If you wear a favorite pattern item, you will feel better♪

The third one isPaper beads smartphone soda-(¥ 13,200).

This is also the same smartphone shoulder as Moshet, but the material is 180 ° different!

As the name implies, it is made by connecting beads made of paper beads!

It is lighter than ordinary beads, so it is not hard at all even if it is diagonally.

The pattern is drawn in how to connect the beads and it is very fashionable.

This color is exactly like cherry blossoms!

2. At the end

What did you think?

Did you have an item you want to bring to the cherry blossom viewing?

By all means, please take a look at African prints and paper beads into the cherry blossom viewing coordinates.♪

First of all, if you really want to see items for your hand, by all meansRICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka ShowroomPlease come.

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