Perfect for spring and summer! Colorful & elegant new accessories have appeared

Hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY. I was surprised that the cherry blossoms were blooming when I returned to Japan until recently.🌸

This year, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing slowly, so I'm going to go to a park in Tokyo.

By the way, this time we will introduce three types of new accessories that are perfect for summer as well as the cherry blossom season!

1. Marushikaku Long Earrings

2. Print fan piercing

3. Paper chain piercing

Four. Introduction of the creator

Five. lastly

1.Marushikaku Long Earrings(¥ 7,260 tax included)

Elegant earrings using cowhorn (cow horn). Because it is a natural material, the point is that the pattern and color are slightly different for each piece!

By the way, cowhorn may be a material that is not very familiar in Japan, but Uganda is also processed for accessories, objects and cutlery.

It is made while thinking about how to make use of the resources around you.

The process until the cowhorn becomes a productHerePlease check!

2.Print fan piercing(¥ 5,500 tax included)

A design with a cowhorn with an African plint. If you combine this piercing with a simple outfit, it will give you a gorgeous impression at once.♡

When I saw this product, I thought that if I had one, I would be able to exchange it for my favorite textiles according to the coordination!

Please try it.

3.Paper chain piercing(¥ 4,400 tax included)

Earrings made by connecting beads made of paper. It's a big swing, but it's very light because the material is paper!

Four. Introduction of the creator

These piercings are made in Uganda, but the parts of the material are connected to the "NPO Corporation MAM'S STYLE (Mams Style (Mamu -style ) Japanese women belonging to. They are connected one by one manually.

Earrings made by Uganda women and Japanese women in collaboration.

Please feel the warmth of them!

Five. lastly

This season became warm and easy to go out. Would you like to learn new accessories and enjoy fashion?

Also, I would like you to check with the new accessories together.Accessory case

I have been using it for about three years, but I am very active at home and at home!

I also have a jewelry box, but I want to make my luggage as compact as possible while traveling, so this case can fold and store many accessories.

New patterns are also available today on March 24 (Friday), so please check them out together!

Look at the product