A little more to GW! Staff carefully select useful items that are perfect for travel and out!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, there are many windy days, and I feel that "Oh, spring ..." The cherry blossoms are likely to fall.

The next thing will come when the cherry blossom season is over! Golden Week!

Do you have any plans to go out for Golden Week? Perhaps some people go on a trip.

In this column, we will introduce items that are perfect for going out of Golden Week. We have carefully selected items that are just right for outing and traveling with large luggage. Please enjoy it to the end!

1. Enter anything! Large bag

2. Clearly summarize the details! Convenient pouch

3. Less luggage with two birds with one stone♪

Four. in conclusion

1. Enter anything! Large bag

At first, we will introduce a large bag that is perfect for going out and going out.

〇 Rich -Everyday Tote


A tote bag with a combination of canvas and African plints. It is safe because it is durable even if you put heavy luggage.

It is a nice point that there are two types of handle so that it is easy to put on the shoulder!

The generated canvas is easy to match with any clothes, so it may be the best travel bag!

〇 Zakuzaku Tote


RICCI EVERYDAY's popular tote bag Zakuzakkotort.

The point is that in addition to large capacity, there are four large pockets inside.

Not only can you put a lot of luggage at once, but it is an excellent bag that is perfectly organized!

Past columnIntroduces the comfort of Zakuzakto in detail. Please take a look at it.

2. Clearly summarize the details! Convenient pouch

When you go out, you will bring various details so that you can do anything at any time, right?

Here are some convenient pouches that are very active in such a case.

〇 Multi -case

A multi -case with four pockets and a storage capacity of four pouches.

It is very good to store small items together.

I also had this multi -case, and when I went to a certain dream country in February, I was very active!

In addition to mobile batteries, charging cables, and makeup tools, February was still very cold, so I stored all the replacements in multi -cases.


When I went abroad in March, I could store charging items, makeup tools, accessories, and in -flight moisturizing goods clearly!

It is an indispensable goods for my trip. Please pick it up once♪

〇 Makeup pouch

Zubora -san's must -see pouch, makeup pouches that can be easily stored from makeup tools to skin care items.

If you spread it, it will be so big.

There are many pockets inside, and storage of small items is easy!

Makeup porchNew life support campaignAs it is the target item, you can purchase 5 % off until April 16 (Sun). If you are interested, please take this opportunity!

againThis columnThen, we introduce various uses of makeup porches, so please take a look.

3. Less luggage with two birds with one stone♪

You want to reduce your luggage as much as possible when traveling, right? In such a case, I will introduce two birds with one stone that will play two roles in one.

〇 Akello Pochette38

This is the standard RICCI EVERYDAY de standard item! When traveling, he / she plays an active role as two birds with one stone.

It is not only used as a bag that is diagonally hanging as shown in the picture, and as a bag to put things you want to take out quickly, such as a mobile phone or wallet.

It can be used in a large luggage and used as a bag -in -bag for organizing.

There are quite a few customers who use the Akeropo Shet as a bag -in -bag!

Also, you can use it a little fashionable and dinner on your trip ... Sometimes you can shorten the strap and use it like a handbag.


Three birds with one stone rather than two birds with one stone! It is a useful item.

〇 Colored dress


Color dresses, which have a gorgeous coordination with one piece, is a perfect item for travel.

Not only as a dress, you can also open the front and put it on. A completely different impression in two ways.

If you have one, the width of the coordination on the destination will expand greatly!

It is also recommended to have pockets and places where wrinkles are not noticeable.♪

Four. in conclusion

How was it?

It's been a month until Golden Week. If you are going out, please use RICCI EVERYDAY useful items! In addition to the items introduced,Accessory caseWe offer many unusual species and useful items like♪

At the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom, you can see all items in the online store directly. Please drop in when you go to Golden Week or go out on Golden Week.

(We recommend visiting the store♪)

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