Mother's Day is "Let's give a crush" -RICCI EVERYDAY Mother's Day Gift Box-

hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you?

GW soon! What kind of GW do you spend this year? In May, there seems to be a surprising number of events, and as soon as the GW is over, Mother's Day comes.

Mother's Day this year is Sunday, May 14th. What do you give?

By the way, from Friday, April 21st, RICCI EVERYDAY[Mother's Day gift box]Is released! (Crackling!)

It is a perfect gift for Mother's Day, so let me introduce it.♪

table of contents

1. The theme "Let's give Tokimeki"

2. Set lineup

3. Accessory gif -trapping is also newly released

Four. About message card

Five. Other gifts services

6. last

1. The theme "Let's give Tokimeki"

The theme of this year's RICCI EVERYDAY [Mother's Day Gift Box] is

"Let's give a crush"

is. Mother's Day gift box is a lineup that is easy to wear everyday.

Because I usually wear it, I wanted to take care of crush, and that I would like to increase the color in my daily life by wearing crush.

2. Mother's Day gift box set lineup

This year, we have prepared six types of sets!

This time, we will send you a dried flower to any set.

The dried flower was made in coloring inspired by Africa.

I'm glad no matter how many flowers are♪

If you present this dried flower along with the RICCI EVERYDAY items, you will be pleased.

This Mother's Day gift box will be delivered by Wednesday, May 10th, and will be delivered on Sunday, May 14 (Sun).

( * If you would like to deliver before or before or before, please describe the delivery schedule in the remarks column when ordering. For details, on the product page).

① One -shoulder denim apron set

This is a set of one -shoulder denim apron, which was developed with customers this year.

It is an apron that incorporates ideas and ingenuity, which is different from the previous apron.


Especially the point is that the hem of the apron is mittens! !

I have a hat for my ideas.

Recommended for cooking, as well as those who like making things.

② Apron set

This is a popular apron set every year.

Recommended for those who are better than one shoulder denim apron!

In the pocket, there is a ring holder and a pen holder.

You can now prevent you from eliminating the accessories, and you can take out the pen.

③ Kikoi Eco Circle White Set

It is a large -capacity size bag that combines kikiki material and African print.

It can be used reversible, so you can coordinate according to your clothes.

The handle can be tied to adjust the length, and it can be handbag style, shoulder, and diagonal hanging.

The tassel on the end of the handle shakes every time I walk and is cute.♡Every time you see it, you will flutter!


④ Eco -set

The most popular eco has become a Mother's Day gift box!

It's a necessity now, like a partner. That's why some people may want to use cute eco -friendly, such as people around you.

For eco bags. There are multiple pockets on the outside, so it is convenient to store keys and mobile phones.


⑤ Makeup pouch set

From makeup storage to lunch wrapping and sewing tool storage

The makeup porch that can be used in multi will surely be pleased!

It can be stored by storing makeup, lunch, and sewing tools, so it is recommended as a gift for those who like makeup, those who make lunch every day, and those who like sewing.


⑤ Accessory case set

How about a gift for those who have a lot of accessories?

It is a good item to use as an accessory at home, use it as a porch for carrying accessories, or can be used at home or outside.


3. Accessory gif -trapping is also newly released

By the way, today is apart from Mother's Day gift boxAccessory giftrappingIs also a new release.

When purchasing the accessories, if you purchase this together, we will put it in an accessory box and a ribbon with the RICCI EVERYDAY logo.

RICCI EVERYDAY offers a variety of accessories, so this is also recommended as a candidate for Mother's Day.♪

( * The size of the box will be selected here according to the size of the accessories).

Four. About message card

You can attach a message card to the Mother's Day gift box.

Customers who wish to have a message card should stain a message card in the remarks column when ordering!

Five. Other gifts services

In addition to the Mother's Day Gift Box introduced today, RICCI EVERYDAY offers a perfect service for gifts.

In addition to normal gift wrapping, it will reappear in the online store today[Furoshiki gift wrapping]Also recommended.

It is perfect for those who want to add one more to the gift and have a wrapping that can always be used.

Also, I want to give the gift what the other person wants! For those who say[RICCI EVERYDAY gift card]Is recommended.

Gift cards are available in a wide range of prices from 3,000 yen to 15,000 yen. You can choose according to the budget of the gifts and the wishes of the gifts.

Please use these gift services.♪

6. last

What did you think?

Why don't you send a present with a thank you feeling for your "mother" for everyone?

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