Held on May 20 and 21! Showroom ONLY cloth Marche

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The new year has begun, and one month is about to be ...

Is Japan a picnic cheerful? Currently, I am in London, but in London, in April, I still often need to go down. I know that the latitude is higher than in Japan, but it is very strange that it is still cold in May.

By the way, in May, many people imagine Golden Week?

The RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom will also open Golden Week, so if you have time, please come and visit us.♪

In this column, we will guide you to the showroom event in May. The showroom event in May is a cloth Marche exclusively for showrooms!

1. What is cloth Marche?

2. event information

3. At the end

1. What is cloth Marche?

It is a colorful, unique pattern, and an African plint that gives you energy just by looking at it, but you often hear not only products but also cloth itself!

Therefore, we will hold a showroom limited cloth Marche that sells handmade kits using African plastic dough and cloth.

Although it is a cloth Marche that has been held many times so far, it has been well received by customers every time.

Click here for the products that appear in this cloth Marche! African plastic fabric, animal mask kit, fan kit, hagire set!

African print fabric / 50cm: ¥ 1,430 (50㎝ -We sell)

We will cut a widely 120cm African card to your favorite size in 50cm units!

It is possible to arrange various accessories, such as using a hair rubber accent or making a tote bag.

Also perfect for a tablecloth! Isn't it good to relax and relax with a bright tablecloth in the coming season?

By the way, I put an African print in the frame and decorate it in the room. I really like the atmosphere of the room by changing the cloth according to the season and mood.

Animal Mask Kit: ¥ 2,530

You can decorate the animals that live in Africa, and decorate them with African prints as you want.

Click here for the image after pasting the African plastic!

There is no doubt that it will be an interior that colors the room! It seems fun to make it with your family and friends.

It is a perfect product for gifts.

Uchiwa kit: ¥ 1,650

It is a kit that can make the perfect fan in the summer with African prints.

I think it's fashionable to match it with a yukata for the summer festival.

This is also a set of mount mounts and cloth. Family fans that make use of the patterns, and try to make a fan that is a combination of various cloths!

African plastic fabric fabric set: ¥ 1,320

The hagirle set is a set of 10 pieces of 20cm x 20cm in fabric. It is just the right size to make small accessories.

Some of the customers said that they made a pouch with this hagire!

2. event information

Date: May 20 (Sat) and 21 (Sun)

Location: RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom (2-17 Ichiya Korocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Ichiya Koromachi Building A)

Access from the nearest stationHere

Don't worry about your reservation! I hope you can visit the showroom directly on the date!

Of course, you can see RICCI EVERYDAY products in the showroom! It is also an opportunity to actually see the products you care about at the online shop.

3. At the end

I personally think that African plinting is one of the charms of showing various flavors depending on where you can cut out the same cloth.

Please find your favorite cloth at the cloth Marche!

RICCI EVERYDAYcolumnWe also introduce handmade accessories using African plints. Don't forget to check it!

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