Introducing NEW design items♪Zakuzakuto & Lunch Tote

hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYAY.

How are GW spending? I think there are people who are going to go out and spend time at home.

By the way, today, we will introduce [Zakuzakto] and [Lunch Tote], the items that have re -appeared as a new design!

table of contents

1. NEW realized based on your voiceZakuzaku Tote

2. Change the texture! Lunch tote

3. last

1. NEW realized based on your voiceZakuzaku Tote

Zakuzakto is loved by you.

It is a large -capacity bag that can be named because it can put items and items and can put many items.

Many customers have heard that they have been using them.♪

At the same time, from the customer

"I want you to put a snap button on the front of the tote bag because you can put a lot of luggage, that is more relieved!"

"I like a cute design even when my luggage is small!"

We will have some voices and improve based on those opinions, and will appear as a new design on Friday, May 5!

POINT1: I put on a snap button

I put a snap button to prevent the contents of the luggage from popping out and prevent the contents from visible.

Surprisingly, you can see the contents of the bag.

I was wearing it, and it was a debate that it was important to reduce the worries a little, so I decided to attach a snap button!

POINT2: I put a string on both sides of the bag

Zakuzakkoto is easy to hold even when luggage is small.

However, when the luggage was small, the part of both sides of the tote bag was so much that it dripped, so it might be a bit clunky.

So, by attaching a string to both sides,

When you have a small luggage, if you tie the string, the end of the bag can be inserted inside, giving a refreshing impression!

I think it has become an easy -to -hold item anytime, anywhere.

POINT3: Pocket on the outside of the bag

Until now, the Zakuzakuto has multiple pockets inside the bag, and the contents of the tote bag have been organized.

"If there is one pocket on the outside, you can quickly put in and out of regulars and smartphones."

Based on that opinion, I put one pocket!

This is the point of the new design.

There is no big change in design, but I think it has become a design that will accommodate a little bit of your life.

Because it is a brand that pursues functionality and ease of holding as well as cuteness, your opinion is very valuable.

2. Change the texture! Lunch tote

In the popular lunch tote, the material of the white cloth has been changed!

It becomes an off -white cotton canvas, for a soft impression. It has become easier to get used to African prints.

The material used before was difficult to produce in Uganda, and new materials were used.

Don't worry, the comfort is the same as before!

I would be glad if you could use the new lunch tote, which became a new material.

3. last

This time, we introduced Zakuzakuto, which was improved based on the opinions of customers, and lunch tote, whose material was changed.

In this world where various things change every day.

I hope that the brand can make a flexible movement as a brand according to the lifestyle of the people.

We look forward to your continued patronage.

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