What porch do you want? ! Information on the second "Product Development Conference"

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Until the weekend, the weather was cold and the weather was delicate ... it continued, but it was completely warm! It's early summer!

I think I want to go to the park between work and have lunch. Is there anything you want to get warm and do?

By the way, in this column, we will inform you about the "Product Development Conference" to be held on June 3 (Sat).

This is the second project that was held last year and was very exciting! If you are interested, this time! If you are thinking, it's a must -see for everyone ~♪

1. What is the product development meeting?

2. This theme and details

3. in conclusion

1. What is the product development meeting?

Product development meeting is a meeting that allows customers to share the image and ideas of the product with the customer and create new products according to the theme. RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Nakamoto and customers, will continue to discuss to create better products.


(State of the meeting last year)


Even though it is a meeting, it will be held in a fun and fun atmosphere with you. I hope you can participate with a casual feeling. If you are interested in those who know RICCI EVERYDAY for a long time, if you are interested, please join us.

In the first one held last year, we developed a new apron with our customers! A more functional and unique thing that includes the unique viewpoints of our customers.


(Appron born from the Product Development Conference "One -shoulder denim apron」)

The finished products will be sold at the online store and will be presented to participants.

By all means, why not consider a product that makes you feel brighter, as you intend to become a member of the RICCI EVERYDAY staff?

2. This theme and details

The theme of this product development is "Pouch"!

Currently, the online store of RICCI EVERYDAY has a lot of pouch items, but it is unique that reflects the unique viewpoint of customers, such as "I want more such functions" or "I want something that can be used in such a situation". I would like to think about the porch from scratch.

  • overview

Date:June 3rd (Sat) 13: 30-15: 30

Capacity: 6 people (Reception will end as soon as the capacity is reached)

Participation fee: Free

Location: RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom

(2-17 Ichiya Korocho Building A Bill A Ichiya Korocho Building A) (2-17 Ichiyanagorocho, Tokyo-ku, Tokyo) The directions from the nearest station "Ushigomeyanagicho Station"Here

* Participation only in face -to -face.

How to make a reservation: HereEvent pagePlease make a reservation more.

  • Future schedule

At the product development meeting last year, the product was completed after two meetings.

This time, the second meeting is scheduled around August.

From late June to July, the representative, Nakamoto, will travel to Uganda. Therefore, we create a sample, take it home, and discuss the improvement points with customers.

This participation is not obligatory, so it is okay to participate only this time or the second time! Please join us in the convenient one.

Also, this time, I hope that customers can choose the cloth pattern used for the product.

The time to participate in the selection is currently undecided, so we will contact the participants again.


3. in conclusion

I'm not excited about what the porch to think with you!

By all means, I hope that various people can make a reservation, whether you are alone, with your friends, or not knowing RICCI EVERYDAY.

(By participating in the event, you can become friends with RICCI EVERYDAY fans ...♪)

Events participation reservationsHerefrom! We look forward to your participation.

Look at the product