Introduction of the December issue of Akero Box

Hello everyone.
I'm Hashimoto, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's completely winter and cloudy days are getting more. For me, I often spend time in indoors, I tend to be more indoor in winter and spend my time at home. You have to exercise moderately while managing your physical condition ...!

Recently, I guess the number of people who spend at home like me (?). Therefore, today we will introduce the December issue of the RICCI EVERYDAY regular flight service, which was born to give a little color to the house time.

1. Akero Box December issue lineup
2. About dry mango and coffee
3. About RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5 + 1 Senses"
4. Statement card
5. Monthly gift: Shea butter
6. Akero box trial flight appears!

First of all, here is the Akero Box December issue delivery lineup!

① Dry mango
② Coffee
③ RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet "5 + 1 Senses"
④ Statement card
⑤ Shea butter

2. About dry mango, coffee
The dried fruits and coffee that are delivered every month (it will be herbal tea once every 4 months)Citrine CaravanWe have delivered things.

Citrin Caravan handles uganda fruits and coffee beans.

This month, the dried fruit will deliver a mango dried fruit called "Apple Mango".
This apple mango tree seems to be very tall. There are a lot of mango, and it is powerful.

(Photo provision: Citrine Caravan)

And this is a mango from a splendid tree.

(Photo provision: Citrine Caravan)

It looks delicious! ! It is glittering.
Here is a dried fruit of this sweet and juicy mango.

You can put it in yogurt, or it may be delicious when you bake the cake ...! I will make it next time.

The coffee to be delivered this month is a coffee named "Mountain and Moonlight".
The area where this coffee beans are grown is located in the Rewenzori Mountains in the southwestern part of Uganda, and Uganda is said to be "Moon no Mountain". It seems that he named "Mountain and Moonlight" for that.

(Photo provision: Citrine Caravan)

Here is the coffee beans raised in such a good scenery.

(Photo provision: Citrine Caravan)

It seems that bees come to suck the red fruit juice of coffee.
That means it's delicious.

(Photo provision: Citrine Caravan)
And this red fruit looks like the photo above, and the beans are selected.

The characteristic of the taste of "mountain and moonlight" is that coffee is soft, mild, and easy to drink.

I hope you spend a little time relieved at home with dried fruits and coffee raised in the magnificent nature.

Please tell me how to enjoy your recommended.

3. About RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5+1 Senses"

"5 + 1 SENSES" is delivered every month, but this month is the "Nobel Peace Prize". The table of contents is as follows.

・ About the Nobel Peace Prize
・ Winners of the previous Noval Peace Prize (partially extracted)
・ About 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Winning UN World Food Plan (WFP)
·playlist・ Book & Movie Selection
・ Oliatia -Listen to your voice-
・ Message from our representatives from Nakamoto Chizu

Every December, there is a Nobel Peace Prize -winning ceremony, so we have a special feature on the history and structure of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the WFP of this year's award -winning organization.

In the corner of Oliaitia -Hearing your voice, we gathered answers from everyone through the Instagram question corner, "What is your winter vacation?"

We will continue to collect answers from the Instagram question corner once or twice a month.

RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5+1 SENSES" is working hard every month! I would be grateful if you could read it.

4. Statement card
This month's statement card chose Mother Teresa's words, who won the Nobel Peace Prize after the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Peace starts with Smile"

It's a simple message, but I think the smile is the root of peace. Since it is a Christmas season, it may be good to send it as a Christmas card for your family and friends.

5. Monthly gift: Shea butter

And this month's monthly giftN Yura Konko (Nyura Konko)Ghana shea butter.

Shea butter is sure to be active in this dry season.
At the RICCI EVERYDAY Instagram the other day, Mr. Aikawa, the representative of N YURA KONKO, appeared as a guest and told me how to use Shea butter.

It can be used not only for dry hands and body, but also as glossy hair!
Because it is easy to put in a porch, it is convenient to carry and can be used at any time.

Shea butter is made of Shea's fruit (seeds). Have you ever seen Shea fruits? This is Shea's fruit.

(Photo provision: n yura konko)

The fruit of Shea is green. In the local Ghana, they eat this green part. It's sweet and delicious! I want to eat it.

It is said that this green shea fruit is seeded and oil is extracted from the seeds. Women are carefully making locally.

(Photo provision: n yura konko)

Please use the shea butter made with a great deal.

6. Akero box trial flight appears!
Perfect for those who say "What is regular flights?"Akero box trial serviceHas appeared!

The delivery of the trial flight is the same as the regular version of the regular version, so you can experience the same as the regular flight. Please try.
( * Please note that you will only purchase a trial flight.)


What did you think. The December issue is also a luxurious lineup!
I would be glad if I could help me meet at a moment when I was a little exciting this winter, where I will spend more time at home.

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