Which gift set will you give? ~ Christmas gift box ~

I'm Kondo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

A Christmas gift box that has been guided by directly managed stores since November 28.

  • Achero series + candy pouch + dried fruits
  • Cube pouch + dried fruits
  • Ecomidium + Cube Pouch + Dry Fruit
  • Gorilla key holder + cube pouch

Gorilla key holder + cube pouch has also been added to the variations of the set!
I would be grateful if you could refer to it when choosing a gift set for a quick Christmas.

  • Achero series + candy pouch + dried fruits

You can choose from the 4 -sized Akero series!
・ Akero 4WAY + Candy Pouch + Dry Fruit (¥ 14,000 + tax)

Akero 4WAY is attractive that PCs and A4 size documents fit neatly with large capacity. It is a perfect gift for those who have a lot of luggage and those who are worried about large tote bags.

・ Medium Akero + Candy Pouch + Dry Fruit (¥ 12,500 + tax)

It's not too big, not too small, and the A4 size is just right. I don't have much luggage, but I want to use it for work and private. This is Akero I would like to give to such people.

・ Mini -kero + candy pouch + dried fruits (¥ 11,500 + tax)

A mini -kero with a cute shape. Perfect for the size of going out with the minimum necessary items. It is an accent of coordination by hand or diagonal.

・ Akero Shet + Candy Pouch + Dry Fruit (¥ 10,800 + tax)

The Akero series with a gusset. Pochette is well -capacity and surprisingly many things. It is also nice to put it in a large bag as a bag -in -bag.
You may want to put my bottle and lunch box. Of course, it is light as a pochette and is perfect for going out.

  • Cube pouch + dried fruits (¥ 2,500 + tax)

A cube pouch with a good gusset and outstanding storage capacity. Why don't you find one point for those who want to give like a treasure hunt from a colorful design? It is a very nice set for small gifts.

  • Ecomidium + Cube Pouch + Dry Fruit (¥ 4,500 + tax)

Eco -compact ecomi diamy than eco -friendly. Even if you put your wallet, mobile phone, notebook, etc. in this one, it is a big success even if you put it in a bag as an eco bag.

  • Gorilla key holder + cube pouch (¥ 3,400 + tax)

We have prepared gorilla key holders from the keychain series, which often hears "cute!" The front is leather and the lining is available in African plints. For those who want to give a gift of small items.

The candy porch prepared as the contents of the set is a square fabric material with a square. It is very compact, but please use accessories, sweets, regular medicine, gadgets, etc.

Citrine Caravan (Citrin Caravan) has a banana, pineapple, jack fruit, mango from Citrine Caravan. ( * Depending on the stock status, there are some tastes that cannot be guided. Please note
Please enjoy a refreshing and sweet dried fruit.

What did you think.
This time, we introduced the contents and recommended points of each gift set.
At the directly managed store, you can choose the patterns and designs freely, so we hope you enjoy the time to choose for the gifts.

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