The long -awaited revival! ? A strap where you can customize your bag to your liking

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This weekend is Christmas! What do you spend?


By the way, today, December 23 (Fri) is the last online store of this year. This time, an item "Leather Strap" that can customize the Akero bag to your liking will be available.

The leather strap was actually a "hidden popular item" when the RICCI EVERYDAY directly managed store was in Daikanyama! In this column, I would like to convey the charm of such leather straps. Please enjoy it to the end!

1. What is a leather strap?

2. Colours

3. in conclusion

1. What is a leather strap?

Leather strap is a reversible strap between leather and African plints.

With a length of 60 cm and a width of 3.5cm, it can be used as a replacement strap for the akero bag.

Of course, as long as the size is suitable, you can use it as a strap of your bag or pouch.

It is a recommended item for those who have damaged the straps of the Achido bag now (I am ...) and those who want to customize the bag in the mood of the day.

It looks like this when you attach it to an Akero bag.


It is just a good length to use as a shoulder bag.

Just the strap becomes leather, the luxury will be improved.


Whether you want the leather surface to a table or the surface of the African plint also changes the image!

( * The bag used in this photo is Akero leather. It will be released soon ... look forward to it!)

Please enjoy the pattern matching between the African cards according to the Akero bag, or transform it gorgeously according to your bag.♪

2. Colours

Here are the patterns that have arrived this time.


"Holohoro Blue & Red" with a cool combination of red and leather


"Glasses ring, red & green" with bright green


"Rock brown & khaki" with a calm impression of brown


"Rock brown & red khaki" with a deep shade


"Glasser cube / pink" with a unique pop color matching

Did you have something you like?

3. in conclusion

What do you think. Please find one of your favorite leather straps after a long time and enjoy customization.♪

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