2023 starts! In January, we will deliver a product that supports everyone who takes a new step.🎍

It's a little late, but happy new year. Did you all spend the year -end and New Year holidays?

By the way, in January and New Year, we start doing something new, remodel the room, and research chocolate for Valentine!

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we will deliver products that support those who take such a new step!

Here are four new products and four limited -time projects this month.

≪ Contents≫

1. Your own original. Customized project is upgraded and restarted!

2. With your favorite pattern, your own original item. Cloth Marche is held for the first time in about a year!

3. Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Gift

Four. Two new products! Akero Leather and RICCI EVERYDAY Berkrostote will appear

Five. Finally-To you who will do your best in the New Year-

1. Your own original. Customized project is upgraded and restarted!

Customized order meeting held last November. Many customers ordered, Bereesera women who make leather key holders, and KANO, who draws portrait! Thank you to everyone who ordered.

This time, we will conduct two types of customizes, (1) Portrait and Kiki Eco Circle.

① Portrait

Uganda's artist Kano will draw photos of customers, family, friends, and pet as portraits.

The picture he draws is characterized by colorful and unique colors. The state of the atelierYouTubeBut I introduced it!

In Japan, you can decorate art that you do not meet in your room.



It is also recommended as a gift to change the room and give a new year to take a new step.

② Kiki Eco Circle

If you can enjoy the African plint casually, the popular "Kiki Eco Circle White" is secretly.

In Uganda, it is a reversible bag using colorful African plints, which are familiar to women as cloth wrapped around the waist.



This time, we will select by selecting a favorite combination of customers from the two white or brown kiki and two African plastic patterns for a limited time instead of the classic Kikoi Eco Circle White!

The details of the pattern and color will be introduced again on SNS and columns before arrival. Please enjoy it!

Customized order period:

10 days from Friday, January 13, 2023 to Sunday, January 22, 2023

* Contents may be changed. Please note.

2. With your favorite pattern, your own original item. Cloth Marche is held for the first time in about a year!

For one month from January 20 (Fri) to February 19 (Sun), Cloth Marche will be held at the online store RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom!

In the first time, the cloth Marche sells four types of African plastic dough sold in 50㎝ units, a fabric panel kit and an animal mask made using hagire sets and hagire. Why don't you choose your favorite pattern and make a handmade work for spring clothes and new life?


In addition, Kagurazaka Showroom is planning to select your favorite pattern and deliver products according to the cloth Marche!

Many customers wanted to receive a service that allows you to order and order your favorite pattern, so we decided to do it this time.

Regarding the details of the event and how to apply,This columnPlease refer to the.

3. Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Gift

From Friday, January 27, the sale of the Thanks with Love furoshiki wrapping gift will start. In addition to the African plastic items, we will introduce chocolate that was very popular last year, and this year in a set of cookies in the shape of the Akero bag.

As the Valentine season is approaching, you can give a higher -grade gift to yourself and to your loved ones.

African plastic items are planned for (1) cube pouch, (2) messaging eco, and (3) palm. At a later date, I will introduce the pattern!

In addition, this gift set will be wrapped in an African card.


African plinting can be enjoyed in a variety of uses, such as bento wrapping, handkerchief, and bag accent.☆

≪ About chocolate ≫

NOOKS Foods (Nuks Foods), which provides chocolate, aims to create foods that care about the other person, with the intention of "good for the body and make it delicious", using natural ingredients, with a solid seasoning, one by one. I make it carefully. Chocolate uses a cacao provided by Farm of Africa, which has a cacao farm in Uganda. The cacao is coated with France's dark chocolate.


* Photo provision: Farm of Africa

In fact, Farm of Africa's cacao was also exhibited at the chocolate festival "Salon Du Chocolat" held in Paris, France in 2022!🍫

Cacao, which is made from production from production, has a fragrance and has a taste that can be enjoyed regardless of gender and age.

It is a chocolate that goes well with wine as well as coffee and tea.


≪ About cookies≫

The cookies are shaped like an akero bag, and the icing expresses the colorful of African plint. It's too cute to eat♡



This cookie isSweets artistAkina Ayabe。 We have been trained in Sugar Craft in the UK, and in France at 5 -star hotels, and currently produces confectionery classes and made custom -made sweets.

The sale of a limited -time gift set is from 21:00 on Friday, January 27. Do not miss it!

Four. Two types of new products! Akero Leather and RICCI EVERYDAY Berkrostote will appear

① Akero leather

NAWOLOVUAchero bags using leather from the line will appear!

"Inner passion (inner passion)" is the concept of leather bags. The outside is chic and can be used for both ON / OFF, and the inside is colorful African plint and expresses "personality".


There are three points for this product.

The first is to use leather outside as the name suggests. It is easy to incorporate even if you like African plastic but cannot have flashy things at work.


The second is that you use a cowhorn (cow horn) for your handle. The beautiful marble -shaped pattern is a natural thing, so all are one point. Please be careful not only on the inner African print, but also on the pattern of the cowhorn.



Third, only one of the cowhorn is used on one side. By dare to put only one, you can hold your favorite aspects outward according to the coordination.



② RICCI EVERYDAYBarkcloth Tote

"Berk Cross", which is the oldest cloth in the world. RICCI EVERYDAY has begun to introduce products using Berkross from 2020.

This time, the sixth Berk Cross item, "RICCI EVERYDAY Berkrostote" will appear.



This is a bag that gives a chic impression with a brown of Berk Cross and the inside with a black kid.

Five. Finally-To you who will do your best in the New Year-

How was it? We will deliver excitement this month through RICCI EVERYDAY products and services!

By the way, on Friday, January 6, "Naroho Bag", "Eco", "File PC Case", etc., which are perfect for commuting and school, are available. The file PC case is a product that does not plan to be produced in the future, so if you are worried, I hope you can pick it up at this opportunity.

Let's work and study hard with a new feeling with colorful African prints!💪

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