New item! Introducing Akero Leather in detail♪

Hello. This is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Happy new year.

2023 has finally begun.

How is everyone doing.

I sincerely pray that 2023 will be a wonderful year.

By the way, this time, I will introduce the new Akero leather that appeared today on 1/6!


table of contents

1. What is Akero leather?

2. Specifications

3. Variations

4. At the end

1. What is Akero leather?

New itemAkero leather(¥ 25,300) is an icon bag of RICCI EVERYDAY and a leather material version of Achero bag.


By using leather, we have created a different expression and atmosphere from the previous akero bag.

The glossy leather material gives a more sophisticated impression with the akero bag.

Therefore, you can decide on formal clothes such as suits.

2. Specifications

The size isW35㎝ × H34.5㎝ × D9㎝And it is easy to put documents and PCs.

The attached strap is the longest123㎝.

The handle on one side has a cowhorn (cow horn).


The other side does not have a cowhorn, so you can change the impression by changing the side you own.♪


It is also attractive that the inside of the bag is a colorful African plastic fabric.♡


This design contains the feeling of "silent passion (hidden passion)".

At first glance, you can enjoy the inner passion and personality expression by lurking unique African plints inside the simple leather!

And the zipper pockets and normal pockets are on the inside, which is very convenient.


If you don't want to lose, in a zipper pocket.

What you want to take out quickly is in the normal pocket.

In addition, the strap is removable.


Attached straps on the hook inside the bagLeather strap(Sold separately: ¥ 3,080) can be attached.


Leather straps can be used reversible, so they will be Imechen!


According to the sceneHandbag, tote, shoulder bagPlease change it with a clutch♪

3. Variations

There are three types of color variations.


As a clutch bag.

Dark brown

Combined with pants of the same color and dark brown and navy coat compatible.

It is my favorite color ..♡


It has a solid and solid feeling that is perfect for the bag to be brought to the office.

Which color do you care about?

There is also a variety of African plints inside the bag.

Since each color is different, the type of lining is different, so check the online store!

4. At the end

How was it?

We hope that the charm of Akero leather is transmitted to everyone.

Let's enjoy RICCI EVERYDAY items with 2023♪

If you want to actually touch Achero leather by hand, please come to the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

Reservation for visitsHerefrom.

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