New item! Introducing RICCI Everyday★

Hello. I'm Ishii from RICCI Everyday.

It's really cold these days.

Everyone, please be warm and be careful about your physical condition

By the way, this time, we will introduce a new product that will be available on 1/13 (Fri), a RICCI EVERYDAY Berk Closto with a warm texture.



1. What is RICCI EVERYDAY Berk Closote?

2. Details and capacity

3. in conclusion

1. What is RICCI EVERYDAY Berk Closote?

The new product, RICCI EVERYDAY Berkrostote ($ 11,000) is a tote bag that uses RICCI EVERYDAY's sustainable material "Berk Cross" and African textile "Kiki". This is a line that makes use of sustainable materials and Uganda craftsmanship.NAWOLOVU(Naulob)].

Berk Cross is a material made from a fabric that is thinly stretched like a cloth. The craftsmen carefully peeled off the tree, boiled the skin, and extended the thin with a hammer, are also registered as a World Intangible heritage.

2. Details and capacity

It is a square bag with a gusset.



The lining is a sharp material and has a good feel and warmth.

Because it has an inner pocket, the details do not get lost in the bag.



It looks compact, but you need what you need, such as my bottle and folding umbrella!

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Please pick up the RICCI EVERYDAY Berk Closote where you can feel Uganda's craftsmanship.♪

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