[Event repo] Make new products better! 2nd Product Development Conference

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The other day, I entered the showroom shift, and what items should I do with everyone after a long time? Which pattern should I use? It was really fun to be worried.

Listen to how to use the items and items you want, and I want it too! Should I use it! I got a new awareness.

All the RICCI EVERYDAY staff are looking forward to the opportunity to talk with customers, but the other day, an exciting event was held to share ideas with you and make one product!

This is the second product development meeting held at RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom on December 17 (Sat) last weekend.

In this column, we will introduce the 2nd product development meeting.

table of contents

1. What is the 2nd Product Development Conference

2. The day of the day

3. At the end

1. What is the 2nd Product Development Conference

This event was the second time of the product development meeting held in October.

Last time, participants discussed the apron, one of the products of RICCI EVERYDAY, to improve from the conventional one.

After that, we have created a sample at Uganda Kobo based on the plan decided by everyone.

It seems that the work of the idea that came out at the meeting into the sample was very interesting.



It seems that the apron is corrected at Uganda Kobo.

A representative Nakamoto wearing Ziporah and an apron in charge.

It's already cute ..!



It looks serious and adjusts.

Since it was based on a new idea that was not found in a normal apron, Ziporah in charge is definitely in my head? ? He worked on the work while he was floating! (smile)

She made a sample while considering the range of motion when she was clothes and the overall balance of the appearance.

In this way, I created a sample product in Uganda and brought it back to the 2nd product development meeting the other day. While watching the sample, this time we had a deeper plan.



2. The state of the day


On the day, the participants gathered at the Kagurazaka Showroom and introduced themselves. After that, I explained the samples created in Uganda from the representative Nakamoto Chizu.

And wouldn't it be better if you do this? Isn't this necessary? We had you have a lot of discussions!

A lively discussion was exchanged.

In this meeting, ideas from a completely different perspective have been added, and as a result, it seems that a significant update of the current sample will be completed.

The new apron scheduled to be completed is likely to be used not only for kitchens but also for everyday work clothes, regardless of gender.♪

I think we can propose a new work style!

Look forward to the appearance of such a new apron.



Participants and representative Nakamoto Chizu.

Thank you for participating!



3. At the end


Thank you for reading to the end.

Every month, we hold events at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

The first event in 2023 is an online semi -order event♪

It is an event where you can select your favorite cloth from the RICCI EVERYDAY products and order them.

It will be only one original product in the world!

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The Kagurazaka Showroom is open every week, Sunday and holidays.

In the showroom, you can actually pick up all the products. In addition, it is a space where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Uganda and the world view of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Please come to play!

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