Enjoy the summer! New collaboration

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In today's column, we will introduce the new dress "Lap Ribondes" that will appear on May 26 (Fri)!

We will also tell you about pop -up events in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, where Lap Ribondeless was sold prior to the online store.

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  1. What is Lap Ribondeless?

  1. All pattern introductions

  1. At the end

  1. What is Lap Ribondeless?

Lap Ribondeless is a bright and cool dress that can be enjoyed from early summer to summer!

Completed in a collaboration with Ishigaki Island Fil.

I've been handling some selected RICCI EVERYDAY items by Ishigaki Island Fil.

And I want everyone living on Ishigaki Island to come on a trip during this year's Golden Week! With that feeling, it was carried out a pop -up event at Ishigakijima FIL.

Therefore, the collaboration product will be released, and the clothes made in collaboration with FIL are Lap Ribondes!

This is the state of Popup.


The representative Nakamoto also stood at the store and was able to talk to Ishigaki Island!

Let's introduce the dress immediately♪

All 4 patterns are available.

It is a dress that I want to wear in the hot summer because it is a sleeveless. You can wear it reversible before and after!

In the shape of the A line, the hem shakes every time it moves♪

The spreading hem also leads to coolness.

You can wear a full -fledged African print and spend a day with a gorgeous feeling.

I think it's a style that is easy to challenge because it's summer.

The dress has a band, so you can use it in various ways.

It can be tied to the waist and used as a belt or used as a shawl.

If you tie it like a belt, the waist will be sharp.

You can also use it as Hair Wrap and use it! Recommended for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of African printing more.

Also, if you combine the loose pants, you can feel more casual.

  1. All pattern introductions

Here are all 4 patterns.

Digital pink

The combination of bright pink and green is cute! It is a pattern.

If you combine it with a green accessory, it will be a wonderful feeling and it will be wonderful!

Brown Dragon

It is a pattern that is easy to challenge with a calm color.

Paisley Rose

I am attracted to the vivid light blue!

The calm wine red makes it easier to incorporate into the outfit.♪

I Orange Blue White & Blue Yellow White

A classic eye pattern.

Which is your favorite pattern?

like! Let's express with the whole body♪

  1. At the end

How was it?

I want to actually look at the pattern and try it on! What isRICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka ShowroomPlease come♪

You can also buy Ishigaki Island Fil.

Look at the product