Would you like to make only one item in the world? Portrait planning and online semi -order are back!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It has been in the middle of June and it's getting sultry. And half a year is about to pass this year ... early!

In this column, we will introduce two projects that can create "only one item in the world" that is perfect for a reward for yourself who worked hard in the first half of 2023.

The first is a portrait project by Uganda artist Kano, where you can get your own original portrait.

The second is an online semi -order meeting where you can connect to Uganda's cloth markets and make your favorite items with your favorite cloth.

On June 16 (Fri), orders will start at the online store. Do not miss!

I would like to explain the details below.

1. Kano's portrait planning

2. Online semi -order meeting

3. in conclusion

1.Kano's portrait planning

KANO, Uganda artist, will draw a photo of customers, family, friends, pet, and pushing as a portrait. (The photo above shows the portrait of Chitsu Nakamoto, the representative drawn by Kano).

This is the third project that was held in November of last year and January of this year and was very popular. This time, in addition to the original portrait order up to the previous portrait, we will also accept digital art orders!

You can use a photo of your customer, or a photo shown with your family, friends and pet. KANO draws what you want customers to make as a portrait drawing.


The picture of KANO, a Uganda artist, is a colorful style that creates colors from inspiration from people while capturing the characteristics of the person. His color sense is very unique, and I think he may feel the aura from that person.


In addition, many Kano paintings introduced in Selected by C, which sells items purchased in Uganda, depict wild animals.


The reason is that Uganda's wild animals live in national parks or zoo, so that local people are far away without paying money. Kano has the desire to draw animals and show them instead because they are difficult for children to see animals directly. Appealing the conservation of biodiversity is one of the themes of Kano.

RICCI EVERYDAY sells and collaborates with KANO's paintings because we sympathize with Kano's thoughts and support Kano's activities.

Why don't you color your wonderful life on the portrait drawn by Kano?

[Digital art]

The portrait of digital art is drawn using a PC or tablet instead of hand -drawn, and you can enjoy a different texture from hand -drawn.

Until the last time, it was only the original order, but this time we will accept new digital art orders.♪

Kano is also expanding the digital potential! Please pay attention to this as well.

The portrait of digital art can also be used as an icon image such as SNS and online communication tools.

Also, if you print and use it, it will be an interior, and you can decorate the same portrait in multiple rooms. It can be printed and used in a postcard, so you can use it widely in various situations.

There are two types of portrait: original and digital art.

I would be glad if you could get to know KANO and Uganda artists through portrait projects. (OrderHerefrom)

2.Online semi -order


Online semi -order is a ZOOM of Uganda's African plastic cloth market, select your favorite pattern from among the African plints in a local fabric shop, and make your favorite RICCI EVERYDAY items with that cloth. It is a project that can be done.

Connect with ZOOM with the representative, Nakamoto, who is staying in Uganda, and experience choosing a cloth in a cloth market.

The online semi -order event held last year as an event for the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom is now available from your home.

(The state of the online semi -order meeting held in the showroomThis columnfrom)

The schedule is the following two times.

① July 8, 2023 (Sat) 15: 00-

② July 15, 2023 (Sat) 15: 00-

Each has a capacity of 5 people.

You will be participating in ZOOM from your home, so those who live in the distance will experience the selection of cloth with a cloth market and semi -ordering RICCI EVERYDAY items!

I participated in the last online semi -order event as a staff member and only one in the worldColored dressI ordered!

The real pleasure of an online semi -order meeting is that it can make only one item in the world."Enjoy encounters with cloth"That's where!

If you are participating, you will be able to meet in advance, saying, "I like this kind of pattern ...". However, the cloth market is rarely sold in the RICCI EVERYDAY products ... so you can't tell what kind of pattern you can meet at that time!

By all means, I hope you can feel the encounter at the cloth market, and the excitement and crush that the representative, Nakamoto always feels, through this project.

What kind of pattern do you want to make? We look forward to your participation.

3. in conclusion

Two projects that connect with Uganda and make only one item in the world.

In both cases, the reception period is from June 16 (Fri) to July 2 (Sun),online storeYou can order by.

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