[October 26, 2020] Now, more excitement than anxiety - Customer T-sama

I am a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

The main character of this time is Mr. T, a customer who has been using RICCI EVERYDAY's products for many years.

"I happened to see a bag at a nearby department store when I met RICCI EVERYDAY. I didn't know anything about the brand, but I was attracted by the impact and strength of its appearance, such as its color and pattern. 」

Mr. T, who lives in Mie Prefecture, is one of the customers who loves RICCI EVERYDAY bags.

"When you use Akellobak, you get a lot of people talking to you. 」

Akello bags are used for various occasions such as commuting, traveling, and shopping.

"I feel that the thoughts of women working hard in Africa are stuck in their bags. Even when I'm feeling depressed, when I see myself reflected in the show window when I have a bag, I feel better. It's also good to be able to feel Africa nearby. 」

When I met RICCI EVERYDAY's bag, Mr. T was busy as a hairdresser.
After that, she became an independent freelance hairdresser in order to be involved in total beauty such as esthetics and nails, which was originally her goal.

"Freelance people are still rare in rural areas. I'd like to gather freelance people and try to do more and more things that I don't want to do in this city. 」

He also acquired a qualification as a health care worker in July of last year because he had a major illness in his twenties.

"I hope that I can contribute to society through my knowledge and skills. 」

He has also begun to take on challenges in new areas, such as preventive medicine and other activities to convey the importance of health to others.He is also considering working overseas in the future.

"After I was over 40 years old, I beed to think strongly about what I wanted to do. Right now, I'm more excited than anxious. Through the RICCI EVERYDAY bag, I think I can take a new step while receiving the thoughts of African women. 」

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