It is ... Naoko Sakuragi ... with the feeling that I want to do than seeming to be able to do it carefully

Hello. It is the Nishino sign of the RICCI EVERYDAY (direct management store) member.

"My エンパワメント story" is first this timeI want to introduce photographer Naoko Sakuragi who had in studio live broadcasting of RICCI EVERYDAY come up as a bullet before.

Begin to take a photograph in Africa from about 2000; 20 years.
It is Sakuragi that it loves Africa although it is difficult that gather up with a word with "Africa" because there are various history and culture by a country in Africa. I perform the project of the local coordinator and scholarship of the NGO while having the face of the photographer and am played an active part now over many divergences.

The episode to come out is powerful, and, contrary to a calm style of reciting, sometimes vanish; and 笑. I touched the senior of many lives, but the figure that all events were talked about very happily stayed in the impression until now while the hardship that there was many it was experienced.

1.In Africa that is why interest
2.The opportunity to be a photographer?
3.Movement movie theater project
4.What I value when I am going to step forward to some one step?
5.The lucky item?
6.When I photograph it, how does the local person watch Sakuragi?
7.The mission to feel in doing work?
8.Relation with RICCI EVERYDAY

1. In Africa that is why interest

Sakuragi who went to Africa with a light feeling at the beginning. That when I did a member of society university student, a backpacker was popular, and Sakuragi was one of those. Therefore I noticed it not having gone into the African Continent incidentally and joined the group of university students of the volunteer and seemed to get down on Kenya not sightseeing for the first time. And it means that it is now if I notice.
There was a legend, "the person who drank African water returned to Africa again", but I was swallowed up by the muddy stream when Sakuragi did ラフィティング before how in the Nile and seemed to have been drowned! "I have drunk sometimes a lot of water"! 笑 which it was talked in spite of being と laughter, but, no, is a shock

2. The opportunity to be a photographer?
I went around African each place from there and I visited Uganda in 2000 and seemed to be shocked. Uganda was in a civil war state in those days (I terminate in 2006). While I touch it with a local person, it is said that the war that I thought of to be it like someone else's problem in Japan was not other people's affairs so far.
There seemed to be the thought that I could not digest in such an event. If will have it from an Ugandan local person; "want the outside world never to send these present conditions since a foreigner came to this ground"! I took it to と, the various places and seemed to talk. However, it is said that Sakuragi who wanted to become composition was not able to make the terrible sight a sentence for an excessive shock when I am young. Therefore if "is a photograph, may put the plain situation"! That I thought of と. In fact, I had done the part-time job of the photographer for school days, and a point and a point were connected in a line, and the way of the photographer seemed to start.

3.Movement movie theater project
The project of the African starlit sky movie theater began in 2016. This seems to be a movement movie theater for African children and I bring a generator and screen into the village by oneself and hold it.
As for the face of children touching what's called movie for the first time, all are earnest, and it is said that it is more interesting than a honesty movie and watches it. The photograph is a state of children to see a movie for the first time in life, but the reaction is three persons three when and I am slow each or I show par っとした expression.

4.What I value when I am going to step forward to some one step?
When begin the project of this movement movie theater; "it is impossible". "How much does money cost?" "Is it not dangerous?" There seemed to be という a lot of voices to be concerned about. However, when there was never that I thought to leave it even if any words were taken.

"I value the feeling that I want to do than seeming to be able to always do it". Even if it takes first priority only to seem to be able to do it and advances, I feel like it becoming in the life on schedule. Then after all I do that I want to do it and want to grow

と was powerful and talked. When this "is filled with feelings to want to exceed here somehow or other even if some problem gets up when I give priority to that I want to do it, and an obstacle produces it as for Nakamoto of the representative ," I agree.

Instead of putting that wanted to do it into an action immediately; the motto "the continuation power." When I begin something, I am about to ask oneself whether you want to continue it for ten years and seem to do it to materials stopping oneself adversely. I am it when absorbed with passion so as to think that I want to continue it for ten years when I believe nature and the heart of the person of the circumference when I move it.

By one scholarship project of the activity that Sakuragi went for, I seemed to be convinced of it. The child who was 11 years old in those days who started a project dreamed of an engineer, but I became an adult and seemed to grant the dream. I talked about what kind of dream children who touched the new world movie for the first time in a movement movie theater pictured proudly in future if a pleasure.

5.The lucky item?
Sakuragi of the face slightly embarrassing for this question. Pause a little; and as for "always things to have camera" I had とのお answer. When I carry a camera, I seem to feel like always having some good thing. On the contrary, 笑 which seems to drop dejectedly for some reason when I do not have a camera. It is a lucky item definitely.

When because "the camera draws the best figure of the subject not to mention photographing a subject, as for Nakamoto, communication will be important"; a word. I seem to love communication with the person to photograph to be carried out through a filter almost as same as a camera.

6.When I photograph it, how does the local person watch Sakuragi?
It is with a corner of the already everyday scenery, and, in the land called the Ugandan guru who is a base of the work of Sakuragi, it does not seem to keep being going to the person of the village that Sakuragi photographs either. If it becomes natural that a Japanese takes a picture in an African corner, a relationship of mutual trust and the trace with the local person whom Sakuragi built for 20 years are felt.
That time to photograph an Ugandan person is morning or the evening.
This seems to be the time when the light of the day lights up the Ugandan people most beautifully.

7.The mission to feel in doing work?
There seems to be the friend who always says "I'm your happiness doctor" (as for me your happy doctor) to Uganda and is it when Sakuragi wants to come to be able to make somebody happy like that. I looked at the world until now through Africa, but talked successively when I wanted to look at Africa from now on from the African outside. I enlarge the headquarters in Africa, not only the Japan but also Asian countries and United States and am active energetically now.

8.Relation with RICCI EVERYDAY
In fact, I went to visit the studio of Ugandan RICCI EVERYDAY in Sakuragi, January, 2020. "The word playful is good"! I took the photograph that とたくさん was wonderful. "あ, joy to work in all straightness (laugh) lively more unexpectedly, and to make were felt and took it and were fun". とのことです.
Because you display the Ugandan photograph which Sakuragi photographed taking advantage of this renewal a lot in a website and a store, please check it!

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