My empowerment story

Hello. It is Yosuke Kondo of the Ricci evayy the hill.

Riici everday was able to meet the 5th anniversary safely on August 26 this year. This is thanks to everyone who supports us. Thank you very much.

At this time, the reci landing was made for the fifth anniversary. As a part of this, we will power up the contents that we have sent as a shop blog, and we will deliver a column with six themes.

I introduce the fourth theme "my empowering story".

We hope you enjoy the following three columns.

  1. Let's express myself in fashion
  2. African print story
  3. Sustainable action


What image do you think of hearing this word?

Do you step yourself step by step

"Brave? "

Can you grow? "

... etc

I think that I just looked at this content page with impression that I thought.

The empowerment story in this column is an individual story told from the viewpoints of customers, Japanese staff, and Uganda factory.

I would like to tell you about the history of life, the relationship between Ricci evyyy, and the changes in the feelings and behaviors that I was born in my hand, and I would like to take a lot of messages.

It is expected that the staff and customers will be able to connect to the "awareness" for the readers who share the experience of taking a step or something.

Our representatives, Ryoji Nakamoto, chikamoto Nakatsu, the direct shop staff, ikuyo Sasaki, and the empowerment story of our client (T) are posted on the official website, twitter and Facebook.

I will also be published in my own empowering story!
Please enjoy the story of one person and one person.

Empowerment story of women

Empowerment story of women

Female empowerment story ~ Ricci evayy staff


Women's empowering story ~ Ricci everyday

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