[November 9, 2020] an opportunity to know "oneself" through RICCI EVERYDAY

It is Kondo of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member.

Of this timeMy Empowerment StoryI introduce Ikeda Izumi where it is active as a member of the online store team in では, Japan.

When, as for having met Izumi for the first time, four months passed after I was engaged as a member.
I have an openhearted impression very brightly and remember that I talked happily!

There is no me who am a store team member very much at an opportunity to meet all of online store teams...
I interviewed it this time through Zoom, but met you over a screen really after an interval of eight months! 笑
Because you were able to ask about a message affecting a heart very much through this interview, look till the last by all means.

1. Work in RICCI EVERYDAY before reaching it at the present
2. Difficulty and pleasure while I work as an online store member
3. About representative Chizu Nakamoto
4. The message which RICCI EVERYDAY sends it to
5. For Izumi with RICCI EVERYDAY
6. About a motto, a book and the movie which affected a heart and a lucky charm item wearing

1. Work in RICCI EVERYDAY before reaching it at the present
Izumi where work in RICCI EVERYDAY was started in June, 2019.
The photography for coordinates of shop blog (forerunner of this column) engaged in not only the online store but also the store administration seemed to be in charge of at first.
It came to be active as an online store member in earnest from about September, 2019.

2.Difficulty and pleasure while I work as an online store member
Speaking of an online store, I can enjoy shopping for one's favorite timing and feeling willingly. I had effect of the new coronavirus, and was there not much time when I mentioned information on the online than to this this year?
With difficulty and the pleasure to taste while Izumi runs an online store.

    "The face of the visitor is not seen"

"What kind of expression does a visitor stare at the screen with an atmosphere with?" It is difficult even if I use words and the photograph simply because I come with words, one piece fragmentarily. How do you send the charm of the product? I put a thought on a thought. 」
In the background of convenience and attractive online contents, the trial and error of a member sending a product and a brand message is developed.

Then what kind of part will have the pleasure?

Izumi mentioning the voice of the visitor through a direct message and a real contribution to reach each SNS.
What can share thought by wordplay is very wonderful when I understand an expression.

It increased necessarily this year "I beat, and to spend time".

Among "visitors, the one where the in studio live broadcasting that I sent since night of every Friday 20 was looked forward to and the which I watched increased". Through SNS, I am glad if I can snuggle up to a visitor
Izumi talks in this way.

3. About representative Chizu Nakamoto
In fact, Izumi is relationship called the senior younger student of college student days with our representative Chizu Nakamoto (following, Chizu),I cancel the disproportion of the world meal,The authorization that publishes a concept, children of the developing country share a meal with us of the developed countryNPO法人 TABLE FOR TWO IntrenationalIt seemed to be active in the という same organization.
With Chizu who there did not seem to be the direct relation in the university, but looked from Izumi.

"The which values that a thing, an individual close against a flat understand a part to be able to stretch out without minding age and a viewpoint and stretch it out."According to the personality of such a representative, both the Ugandan team and the Japanese team have a very big that each team can move into action lively at the time. It is talked about と.
In addition, in rib landing of August 26, this year, I look back when "it was at an opportunity good at all that what RICCI EVERYDAY wanted to convey and the thing that I regarded as important are stipulated by this rib landing until now and become easy to tell a visitor, and to realize ourselves again".

4. The message which RICCI EVERYDAY sends it to
RICCI EVERYDAY which reached the fifth anniversary on August 26, this year
The concept,"" which likes "than" which "is desirable" for. 」
I feel warmth to value existence and the sense of values of the unit in the backside of simple words.
On earth, about the message which such RICCI EVERYDAY gives off, what is it that there is it with feeling of Izumi?

"I sympathize with a message of RICCI EVERYDAY". I chose "safety" until now, too and was conscious of evaluation "from the" circumference. 」
However, after coming to affect RICCI EVERYDAY; of oneself "like it", and it is said that came to think を.
"Oneself came to choose the thing which was "which liked "". I live in one's life. I value "liking" one's than the eyes from a person. 」

"Like"; の sense of values and the contents are each person, too. Without being bound by the eyes from a person and a fixed concept; the thing that "like it", and can pursue なことを one's an individual. "I like it" and, through RICCI EVERYDAY, know を, and be a chance to begin to pursue it about "oneself".

I called about new PHILOSOPHY01~03.

01. Being a place finding a quality of oneself
"There is not it and continues having the sense of values that oneself values how it is thought by another person and wrestles in what oneself wants to do, it being possible".I think that it leads to a quality of oneself. I think that I am connected in the element which "liking new one's" is found by understanding that I know oneself more. 」

02. It is not only an appearance and is pursued the usability
"The appearance wants to demand the functionality, too and wants to use it for a long time". 」
Including アケロシリーズ, the structure that I did well in detail features the product of RICCI EVERYDAY. From the visitor who took the product in a direct hand at a direct management store "a structure is solid"! I charge a lot of とのお voices.As well as a colorful appearance, it is the brand which there continues being near you for a long time all the time.

03. Sincere, in "a right thing ," is serious.
"The environment where all the one about shop handling a visitor, the staff, a product becomes happy"But, (as a brand) I think that it is good. I think that it "is a right thing" to be able to think so of that it was good to affect RICCI EVERYDAY. 」

Not the relationship of 2 simple axes called a distributor and consumers, all people concerned with RICCI EVERYDAY become the smile. The smile of the visitor, a smile of the staff. A smile of one affecting RICCI EVERYDAY. Only in the point that sincere, faced each other in "a right thing" seriously, the world wide deeply of a person and a person, a person and the product may continue.

5. For Izumi with RICCI EVERYDAY
"It is a brand (engaged) (as for myself) and is glad of the thing which oneself likes as a viewpoint of one visitor being affirmed, and the brand which oneself likes expects that I open from still many people".One's through RICCI EVERYDAY; want to take opportunity "to like it", and to know を.AndOpportunity to know "oneself"にしてほしいです. I want you to take opportunity of "to know new oneself" through RICCI EVERYDAY even if I do not yet understand "liking one's". In addition, have me become spirit through dispatch of Web site and SNS (to a visitor). 」

Izumi continues words.

As "one of the social problems"Straight きづらさ "only by the" womanBut, I think that there is it. I gave it up while I might face such side (as for me), and there was the part which pretended not to notice. However,The person of one's next generation does not want you to feel similar inconvenience. I want to build the world that is easy to be valid for a woman through a place (online) to send to that purpose. 」

                                           "Straight きづらさ only by the woman"

Possibly it is now.
The which feels "straight きづらさ" in the person reading this column may come.
Even if it is friendly relationship, it may be hard to confide it to somebody other.
When it looks like it, little, thought of the staff sending a brand idea of RICCI EVERYDAY and a colorful view of the world, a product is warm for the feeling of everybody and prays for a thing becoming bright.

"It is a routine to zero it in a head consciously at time to concentrate on only a flower in front in a lesson of the flower arrangement" (Izumi)

6. About a motto of Izumi, a book and the movie which affected a heart and a lucky charm item wearing

"God of the chance has only a forelock"

Izumi where these words are regarded as important because it was the words that the boss whom the company which entered the company in new college graduates respects was taken good care of. The chance is limited for an instant.
I get ready to be able to be carried on a chance even at any moment, and can you put it? Is a chance found? And can you catch it at the moment when you found it?
It may hide behind in a chance before casual every day.

・The book which affected a heart
"Books of Yataro Matsuura"

Anything is written by really warm words and seems to read it when I wanted to take a break.
In fact, book of Yataro Matsuura whom heart にじわ - っと sinks into, I of the writer like it very much.

・The movie which affected a heart

Izumi liking musical films. And, music and the beauty of the picture, as for "the life, the place where I am made to think seems to be a favorite place, consecutive of the choice". I seem to cry even if I watch it how many times for last ten minutes.
It is sad by one's life and the connection with others extremely beautifully, and it is strong, and a surprising thing and the words of this movie director showing it seem to stay in the heart.
It is the work which I face each other and it is deep and is made to think about with the activeness of the picture only by the musical including the one with the way and a person and the person of the life.

・The lucky charm item which I wear

I seem to use a notebook of EDIT habitually more than five years. Because it is brought back to the origin when I look down on the thing which I wrote words that somebody gave to me and that oneself thought then, I put it in a bag and seem to carry it.
I seem to write in the slight thing that I felt it on the day and the person who met, the place where I went to with a notebook as "a record tool" as "a schedule management tool".

In fact, I use the notebook of same EDIT, too...!
I can spell emotion as oneself feels like it in the notebook.
Warmth wells up in a heart, and it can be relieved that I can look down on a thing left as a letter all the time.

How about?
I interviewed Izumi this time and was able to have a glimpse of faithful posture and warm personality opposite to thought to RICCI EVERYDAY and "oneself".
Thank you for having Izumi, an interview cooperate.

As for the next time in fun.
In hope of each person's "エンパワメント story" reaching everybody and.

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