RICCI EVEYRYDAY is the second chapter of life ~ RICCI EVERYDAY Staff Sasaki Ikai ~

I'm Yoka Kondo, the staff of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

Today's Empowerment Story introduces Ikuyo Sasaki, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff.
Currently, Ikyo -san, who is currently involved in the I / Mask Business, devising coordination using Achero series and travel items. He is also active as a PR business and a paramedium.

The story introduced this time will be delivered based on the content that I interviewed last winter.
A year has soon passed, but I still clearly remember the situation at the time of Ikuyo's straight answer to each question.
From the encounter with RICCI EVERYDAY to the beliefs that are valued ...
Please enjoy it until the end.

RICCI EVERYDAY is the second chapter of life. The turning point came three years ago in 2017.

When I visited Tamagawa Takashimaya to buy a present for Mother's Day. A RICCI EVERYDAY product that I happened to see when walking in the store. Before the vivid Akero bag, I was fascinated by its design and brand concept.

"After purchasing, I returned home and checked RE. I don't think there are so many brands that have the concept of design and women's support."

I want to buy my own this time. At that time, there was no directly managed store in Daikanyama yet, but I waited for the next pop -up opportunity because I wanted to cherish the purchase experience of actually choosing it, not online purchases.

A year later, a pop -up was held in Matsuya Ginza. There were Ritsusa Nakamoto and Chitsu parent and child there. I saw the two people who didn't think they were standing in that place, and when we talked with courage, the new world spread. I exchanged words and came up later, and I couldn't talk even if I talked. With that feeling, I turned to pop -up the next day.

At that time, Sasaki's words on Ritsushi Nakamoto, "I'll help you when something happens in Tokyo." Because it's a brand where my heart moved. That's not the only reason. Behind this word was Sasaki's belief.

      "If there is something useful, do something"

It has nothing to do with work or private. Share and think about what to do, even if you can't be with you. At that time, Ritsueda Nakamoto was selling alone, so I wondered if Sasaki could do something. He immediately contacted him when he heard good news that a directly managed store would open in Daikanyama. Again, he said, "Please call me if you have anything."

"I want to support my surroundings with the person who is the deputy director, such as the deputy director, rather than in a position to demonstrate the leadership of the chairman or the director. "

Rather than a business thinking that is conscious of sales, we always think about how to enjoy RICCI EVERYDAY and go to work. I want to cherish the customer's own experience that it was fun to buy good things. And first of all, don't forget to enjoy yourself. Sasaki's thoughts will be transmitted to customers.

Sasaki is also active as an emergency parameden while working on RICCI EVERYDAY. He was a childhood when he was familiar with Nightingale and Mother Teresa and wanted to get a job to help people. He wanted to be a paramedic close to the site, with the desire to reassure someone in need. He has been difficult to balance the job of RICCI EVERYDAY with the rescuer, but now he has found his role in both parallel carriers and in both places.

"I want to work for a lifetime on RICCI EVERYDAY. I want many people to enjoy this brand made by Ritsusa and Chitsu. I want to fulfill the vision that Chitsu wants to fulfill. I would like to provide an individual coordination introduction service. "

The expression was very bright and shining. From the point of view of the writer who heard the story, I think there is already a solid nucleus in Sasaki. The second chapter has begun greatly.

What did you think.
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