Heart is healthy, and happiness -Back office Yu Ito-

I am a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama directly managed store).

The main character of this "My Empowerment Story" is Yu Ito, who works in the back office of RICCI EneryDay.

I hadn't had much opportunity to talk to Mr. Ito so far, but through this interview, I felt the strong beliefs and honesty in the inside.
Ito -san's polite and sincere personality is oozing out on one of the words emitted.
Today we will deliver the charm of Mr. Ito as it is!



1. What is your usual job? Also, how did you meet RICCI EVERYDAY?
2. Dream of childhood
3. The importance of mental richness seen through studying abroad in France and interns in Togo
4. Until you meet your current job
5. The inscription on the right
6. Lucky items
7. What you want to challenge in the future


1. What is your usual work? Also, how did you meet RICCI EVERYDAY?
Mr. Ito, who currently supports venture companies engaged in solving social issues in freelance, from aspects such as personnel labor and accounting finances.
Work at RICCI EVERYDAY is one of them, and I am in charge of financial management and company structure.

Nakamoto, the representative of RICCI EVERYDAY, said that Nakamoto's husband met a senior in the college department, and his former boss.

2. Dream of childhood
When I was little, it was a dream to be involved in international cooperation. It seems that Mitsuyo Ohara's autobiography, "So you survive".
Since then, he has begun to think, "I want to do a job that can help people who are suffering!"

3. The importance of mental richness that has been seen through studying abroad in France and interns in Togo
He continued to be involved in international cooperation, studied abroad in France during college, and challenged an intern at Togo's local NGO. So, there is a big change to Mr. Ito's thoughts.

Study abroad in France is a school that is strong in political and international relations. He said he was good at French, but he said he was overwhelmed by their ability when he saw the presentation of other international students. He seemed to feel the difference in his ability, thinking skills, and all his skills in everything.

On the other hand, I start to question the support. The students around me are backwards to be involved in support locally, and only discussions on desk. So -called developed countries have the idea that they live better than them by creating "poor and poor people" under the concept of "developing countries"? It seems that I felt. So I start thinking, "I want to go to something that I believe that I have this meaning, not arbitrary assistance!"

Togo jumped out of the desk discussion. There was a homestay with NGO staff. However, the family is a poor family who lives for less than $ 1 a day. From the global perspective, every day is not a very rich life. But in Ito's eyes, their lives were never unhappy. Regardless of the economic circumstances, they have a clear thing that they value, such as religions and family, but rather, they feel more happy and happy than living in Japan. That's right. In Japan, I feel inferior and live a depressing life that I have no such thing, there is no such thing. There are many people around you who spend that way.Is it more important to be mentally healthy than to be things or financially?He started thinking.

4. Until you meet your current job
After returning from an intern in France and internship in Togo, he lost his guidelines for international cooperation that he had been aspiring to be young, and as his values ​​changed dramatically, it was the bank that Mr. Ito first got a job. However, I couldn't get used to the environment, so I should work again and again.
It seems that some of the banks belonged to a department with a quota, and some of them were so stressful that they suddenly disappeared one day.

Here again
What is mental health?I started thinking and decided to do the job involved in it.

After that, I experienced two jobs and was in charge of human resources. Mr. Ito himself wants to spend a lively and meaningful time in the company, but as a member of the organization, he has to prioritize productivity and corporate growth, and have a dilemma. To
He says he still thinks how to create a company that does not create mentally upset people, and everyone can work happily and lead to corporate growth. From the goal of pursuing mental richness
"How to make both individuals and organizations happy."It seems that a specific theme has come to be seen.

5. The inscription on the right

Stack while enjoying "now here"

It is recently that I started to be aware of this.
"I feel that it is important to be happy to contribute to others, and that it is important to have time to have a deep joy."

6. Lucky items
Mr. Ito says that his handle always carry wooden pen and notebooks. It seems that there are various awareness by writing by hand in both work or private situations.
You can feel the goodness of handwriting because it is an era where digital is spreading. I myself tried to send letters instead of emails to those who are still important, and I strongly sympathize with this.

In addition, RICCI EVERYDAY icon bags and Akero bags are also used high with the included pouch. Previously, we also shared how to use Akero bags as interiors! He seems to be getting better from a vivid African print when tired of desk work.

7. What you want to challenge in the future

"How to make both individuals and organizations happy."

Based on the theme, I want to start a service and business that I believe in the person who sends me this time! He told me about his future goals. Currently, I work with a number of startups, including RICCI EVERYDAY, but there are various forms of how to communicate my thoughts and how to involve my organization and surrounding friends. He seems to be wondering what style is every day.

Both people and companies are happy and sustainable. He seems to be aiming for such a business.

Finally, he talked about this.

"There are things that are important, but I want to spend time in my heart's meaning and believe. Today, if I can spend a concrete feeling like tomorrow, my heart is healthy and happy. I feel. "

How was it?
Through the interview, I felt Mr. Ito's strength, who continues to push on what he believes. Also, "happiness" is a big theme, but I wanted to pursue "my own happiness" without being bound by the general definition of the world.
Thank you, Ito, for your cooperation in the interview.

Look forward to my next empowerment story!

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