The charm of "human smell" ~ directly managed store staff Moe Nishino ~

I'm Hashimoto, a member of RICCI EVERYADAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

By the way, this empowerment story introduces the story of Nishino's life, who works as an intern an intern.

Mr. Nishino entered as an intern at the same time as me, and always meets meetings at meetings. However, I was really looking forward to Nishino's life so far, so I was looking forward to the interview!

Nishino is currently studying at a college in the UK.
I asked her about her university life in the UK, so please take a look.

Q1. She is currently studying at a college in the UK. What year are you?
What are your major?
Q2. How did you study abroad in the UK? Did you go to the UK because you were interested in international development?
Q3. Is there any book that you have read so far?
Q4. How was your life in the UK?
Q5. Did you change in yourself when you were in Japan and after crossing the UK?
Q6. How did you get to know RICCI EVERYDAY?
Q7. Did the impression of RICCI EVERYDAY change after working?
Q8. Did you work on RICCI EVERYDAY and have any effect on your future vision?
Q10. About women's empowerment and environmental issues
When were you interested?
Q11. What is Nishino's future prospects?
Q12. Finally! Please tell me Nishino's lucky items.

Q1. You are currently studying at a college in the UK. What grade is it? What are your major?

"Currently, it is a second -year student, but there are some different places from Japanese universities, and British universities are three -year.
In the UK, high school students must finish the curriculum up to the first year of university in Japan. Because of such a system, I went to the UK immediately after graduating from high school, but in the first year, I went to the course of a foundation course accompanied by college and studied English while studying English. I studied and then went to college in earnest. So, my life is my third year in the UK, but my grade is 2 years in college. "

-Hee! I didn't know that the UK university was a three -year system. You went to the foundation course and studied. What do you learn in the foundation course?

"I learn how to take classes and how to write reports while studying a little about the content I major in the university. There are various nationalities. My major is international development studies, and I have an international business in a secondary attack. "

-What is international development?

"International development is the origin of the United Kingdom. To put it simply, we learn the problems between developing countries and the relationship between developed countries and developing countries. Britain is colonized through the history of the British Empire. Since it is a country that has become the foundation of discrimination, it is a country that created the root of discrimination, so I learned the root from the UK perspective, so I thought it was interesting.

Q2. How did you study abroad in the UK? Did you go to the UK because you were interested in international development?

"Before I studied abroad, I wanted to learn psychology. Actually, I was sick in my high school, and I had experience in hospitalization, and my physical condition was recovering and I wanted to return to school. , I thought that people who had experienced me, such as the school side, could not return smoothly. I think this is a matter of Japanese society as a whole. , I tend to receive counseling = weakness, but I know that it is not so unusual to have mental illness especially during puberty. I wanted to change such a society through, and I wanted to learn psychology. "

"But psychology in the UK is a discipline that focuses on statistics and facing numbers. When I was investigating, I met the current Faculty of International Development. In the part of "reaching out to minorities", there is a part similar to the psychology I wanted to study, and I am consistent among myself. I decided to major in international development. I don't think anyone trains this route (laughs) "

-The switching from spirituality to international development is quite interesting! But why did you decide to study abroad in the UK?

"I wanted to study abroad since I was a junior high school student, and the English teacher who had been taking care of me in high school was a British person, and the influence of that person was great. While listening to the story of Britain from that person. I felt like it was similar to the character of the Japanese. The rest was intuitive and I thought it would fit. "

-Do you have any contact with that British teacher?

"There was. I was a teacher from the Faculty of Literature and liked reading a book, and I was reading a book at the time, so I wrote the book's impressions in English and had my teacher correct it. I was talking about private things. "

-Well, for Nishino, the teacher is like a teacher.

"That's right. I'm still in contact, and I'm consulting English exams and university problems before studying abroad."

-What kind of book did you read and corrected?

"Um ... Russell's" Happiness theory "!"

-Ho? ! Is it in high school? ! That's amazing! ! I can read it as a high school student ...! I couldn't read such a difficult book when I was in high school (laughs)
Why did you choose "Happiness theory"?

"I was interested in psychology, so I like to think about the propositions that can't be answered forever.
I started reading such a book after I was hospitalized. What I read during the hospitalization was Osamu Dazai's "Human Disqualification" (laughs).
I was reading while thinking, "Why is this hero smell so human?" I read "Human Disqualification" while I was hospitalized, and I was worried around, but I sympathized with the hero's human smell. I thought like a high school student, saying, "I guess the hero is worried because it's too honest." "

ー Hey, but I'm happy to be able to come across such a book that is crazy. I heard that Osamu Dazai's "Shadow" is very good ... Did you read it? (Hashimoto, which I haven't read yet ...)

"I read it! Everyone in the story that appears in Dazai is a human smell, honest, and I think it's the same as a human."

Q3. Is there any book that you have read so far?

"After all, Osamu Dazai's" Human Disqualification "is the most memorable. Is it" the Prince of the Stars "?" Human Disqualification "and" The Prince of the Stars "seem to be very conflicting. Both seem to have a pure perspective. "

It looks pretty conflicting when you arrange it, but if you say it, it has a human smell. In addition to these two books, various books have impacted Nishino.

Q4. How was your life in the UK?
"At first it was homesick and it was hard, but I think that it was supported by people in the UK."

-Is that's right. What kind of person did you meet?

"I wanted to go back to Japan at first, but the Japanese I met before studying abroad were attending a graduate school of the same university, and asked them to guide them to the town, how to get on the bus. I was told about tickets and supermarkets. I was blessed with such a sister. I think I was blessed with college friends. I have a good friend, but when I was discriminated in the audition in the circle, the child told me it was strange. It encouraged me. "

"I got along with the child at an event in the circle, and in fact, I wanted to major in psychology for the same reasons as me. doing."

-It's interesting. A friend who got along with me wants to major in psychology for the same reason as myself, but shifted to a different study. It is exactly the "edge".

Q5. Did you change in yourself when you were in Japan and after crossing the UK?

"I think it has changed a lot. It's mentally stronger. I've been able to say my opinion properly and now I want to convey what I'm thinking."

Q6. How did you get to know RICCI EVERYDAY?
-I'm returning from Kiri and now you're working as an intern.

"I saw the news station and knew it when I returned to Japan. I was interested in business -type international development in international development, and I was doing it RICCI EVERYDAY. I was interested. I wanted to work in the summer vacation, so I applied for the intern. "

Q7. Did the impression of RICCI EVERYDAY change after working?

"Yes, the energy and speed of startups are amazing. The period of moving to a measure after coming up is very fast, but I think it's growing so far."

-Istate it is. After talking about "Let's do this", it's already moving specifically from the next day (laughs).

Q8. What is the appeal of RICCI EVERYDAY that you feel after you start working?

"I think it would be nice to be able to treat each person as equivalent. There is no hierarchical relationship in a good sense. It will save each person's voice, so I think that is attractive.

Q9. Did you work on RICCI EVERYDAY and have any effect on your future vision?

"Actually, I want to learn psychology. I thought that psychology could be used in companies, and I thought that the care of people in the organization was important. I am from around. I think it's a type of person care. I'm trying to study myself and get a qualification. That's the goal of this year. "

-Sure, Nishino -san always looks calm from the outside, and has an image that cuts in when it's important. You'll say a very important word. And it's wonderful to study to get your own qualifications! The potential is high! !


"I'm ashamed, but I wanted to be a model or actress. I've been dancing since I was little, so I really liked going out in public. I want to be a morning girl (laughs). "

-I was right! Morning Musume is the Donpisha generation (laughs)

Q10. When were you interested in women's empowerment and environmental issues?

"After all, when I was sick, I wanted to do something to stand out when I was little, but after breaking her body, she began to think," I want to help people. " "

-What kind of topics are you interested in?

"I've been interested in Asian human rights since I went to the UK. I'm in a country where I created international development studies, and I'm studying there, but when it comes to human rights issues," blacks vs white people. " I can't talk about Asians, and I feel uncomfortable. "

-Yay, when it comes to human rights issues, it's easy to get a topic of "white and black people's relationships", but in fact, people of various races are alive. It's strange that you can't talk about Asians.

Q11. What is Nishino's future prospects?

"Hmm. It's not clear, but I will study psychology again and go to the reform of the awareness of the educational site, or become an empowerment to women in Japan as a development side, or in Europe. Empower people ... There are these three axes. "

-It's nice that there are many options. I listen to it and have a very dreamy and fun. If you study psychology, it seems that more things will open.

Q12. Finally! Please tell me Nishino's lucky items.

"I have a few lips that I carry around. I have 5 lips when there are many (laughs). Because it is something that can be done. I like the lip of the popular HERA (spatula) in Korea now! "

What did you think. I was happy to be able to hear the roots of the roots, and to have a glimpse of Mr. Nishino's turning point and Nishino's surprising aspects.
It was always a dignified image,
In me, I came to think, "This person ... interesting ...!"

Every time I listen to various people, not just Mr. Nishino, I think, "There are many people in this world, and no one will follow the same way."
It's a matter of course, but it's surprisingly easy to forget.
I thought this world was interesting because no one was the same.

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