When the products I made in Japan are pleased, the "reward" is ~ Uganda Studio Manager Susan ~

I am a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama directly managed store).

This is the ninth serialization of "My Empowerment Story", but are you enjoying it?

In this series, we focus on Japanese staff, Ugun Doustaff, and customers, and deliver the story of each person's life, such as the moment we take a step in our life, the words we value.

By the way, the main character of today's story is Susan of Uganda staff.
This time, Carroll of Ugunda staff interviewed me. Please enjoy the first Uganda edition!

1. Until you meet RICCI EVERYDAY
2. Encounter with representative Nakamoto
3. About RICCI EVERYDAY Uganda Studio Friends
4. The moment when you feel rewarding
5. Most important, and happy moments
6. The name of Susan and Carroll
7. When I was little, and the future dream

1. Until you meet RICCI EVERYDAY
Susan is currently working as a production manager at RICCIEVERYDAY Uganda Kobo. She used to work as a tailor at a company that is doing fair trade called ONE MANGO TREE.
She was sewing T -shirts, bags and dresses there.

This experience seemed to be used in RICCI EVERYDAY's work, and she said, "I feel that my current job is suitable for me."

2. Encounter with her representative Nakamoto
Susan started his career as a tailor, but the company that had worked before in 2016 went bankrupt. He is told to deliver the sewing machine or machine used by his former company to a company when he tapping the company.
So a new encounter.

In the company where the machine was transferred, a Japanese woman named Chika worked as a tailor instructor. Susan, who exchanged her contact information on the spot, deepens his friendship with her. In fact, Chika was an acquaintance of her RICCI EVERYDAY representative Nakamoto, and introduced Susan as a new tailor. This triggered Susan to work with Nakamoto as one of the launch members of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Have you changed your feelings and life since working on RICCI EVERYDAY? When asked, "I was able to get up in the morning properly!", But I got a good answer, but for Nakamoto, Susan is also a good consultation partner and a sister of other staff. is. She is one of the most indispensable friends for RICCI EVERYDAY.

3. About RICCIEVERYDAY Uganda Studio Friends
"RICCI EVERYDAY is a very hard worker."
She said, "Everyone is very cooperative and good teamwork."

"We respect each other and work with a sense of responsibility," she said. She says she is saved because she doesn't need to teach her working attitudes as a manager.

I am now writing the sound source that Carol interviewed Susan in this way, but it can be seen that the workshop is friendly. At the meeting with Japan when Nakamoto was in Uganda before, I heard the staff working while singing, and sometimes I misunderstood that it was BGM in the workshop at the beginning.
While having fun, do the job that is given exactly. This is like a Uganda studio policy.

4. The moment when you feel rewarding
"I feel worthwhile when the products made with my own hands are pleased by customers and Japanese staff."
She also told me that she had no experience and had a very sense of accomplishment when she started with no experience. He seems to be impressed by the fact that he overcomes the non -flat road, makes an effort, and greets one goal.

According to Nakamoto, Susan has a strong sense of responsibility, and he has such a strong personality, who can do the jobs he requests, even if he is unreasonable. That's why you can feel joy in the growth of the staff.

5. Most important, and happy moments
Susan has the beloved children.
What is the most important thing for you? He answered that they were the girls without hesitation. The time you spend with your family is the happiest moment.

Also, when they were able to pay their tuition without assistance around, they seemed to be full of accomplishments. "If my daughters finish school and get a good job, it will be the best day in my life."

6. The name of Susan and Carroll
Susan seems to be a little troubled by this question. Carol talked about her own inscription as an example, but this was also wonderful. I would like to introduce this too!

Carroll's inscription is

(Don't look back, just go forward)

While her back is pushed by this word, she seems to be running towards her dream. She said, "I can't decide who I was yesterday to get to myself in" Today "."

And Susan returned later.

Her Susan's inscription is

"Put God First in Everything That You Decide to Do"
(When you decide something, the first is God)

She says, "Thanks to God, I believe that it will continue to be in the right direction."

7. When I was little, and the future dream
Susan said she wanted to be a nurse when she was little. But she says she gave up her dream because she could only go to school for one semester.
That's why she must have had her joy when she was able to bring her children to school with her own power. She is now her dream to start her business on her own, taking advantage of her career.

How was it?
Ugun Doustaff is the main connection through products, but I hope that through interviews, we can tell Japanese customers the individuality and charm of each local staff.

Thank you for your cooperation in Susan and Carroll. Look forward to my next empowerment story!



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