If you do nothing, you can't regret. Don't think about it first ~ Bi Life Photographer Saho ~


I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

This time, I would like to introduce SAHO, a beautiful life photographer, who also appeared on the 4/2 Instagram as "My Empowerment Story".

SAHOPhoto session event to be held on Saturday, April 24It is a photographer who has taken photos.

The other day's column introduces an overview of the event, SAHO, etc., so please take a look! (Click here for column

1. About saho
2. What made you become a photographer?
3. What are you conscious at the time of shooting?
4. Why is it not a "photographer" but a "beautiful life photo grapher"?5. What is an amulet item for SAHO?
6. What do you value when trying to take a step?
7. Information on the photo session


1. About saho

A photographer who has 10 years of kindergarten teacher who is popular with natural body shooting. She is a mission to expand her smile and release femininity with the theme of shooting that she likes as she shoots.


2. What made you become a photographer?

About two years ago, I decided to work on a photographer. I used to be a kindergarten teacher, but before that, the existence of photos was great in Saho's life.

Behind that is the appearance complex. He was not good at being taken, and he liked shooting. Looking back on those days, he said he was not good at it and wanted to refrain, and he said he was always running away to the shooting.

Saho has experienced various jobs since he stopped nursery teachers. One of them is a lecturer for scrapbooking. At this time, she liked taking pictures, but she didn't think she would work as a photographer.

However, about two years ago, he bought a new single -lens reflex camera and began on the path to photographers with the words "Isn't it suitable for photographers?"

At the time of the rush, he did not know the SLR, but he said that he was shooting while cherishing "enjoying" to provide what he could do.


3. What are you conscious at the time of shooting?

Prior to the photo session, the RICCI EVERYDAY staff experienced photography.



Looking at the photos, it was impressive that the staff of the staff appeared. What SAHO is conscious of when shooting is to bring out such inner self."Being interested in the other person"It is just that.

He also says that it is important that the photographer is not nervous. If you are nervous, you will be nervous to the subject who is the subject.

"Fun" is also transmitted to the other party in the same way. SAHO seems to be pushing the shutter at the moment he enjoys while valuing the time of fun communication with the other party.


4. Why is he not a "photographer" but a "beautiful life photo grapher"?

He said he wanted to take a picture to live more beautifully.

That's because when I started working as a photographer, I thought it was boring with just a "photographer". SAHO says that he wants to enrich his life, bring out femininity, and experience the expansion of smiles.


5. What is an amulet item for SAHO?

SAHO is carrying chocolate and brown sugar. Even when you were busy, you said that if there was something calm, it would be a charm.

In addition, the power stone and ring that I always wear is also a safe thing.


6. What do you value when trying to take a step?

First act。 He said he could change what he wanted to do later, but he wanted to do what he wanted to do as soon as possible.

In fact, when Saho started walking as a photographer, he first bought a camera so that he could not escape from the decided road. This can also be a chance to actually take what you want to do. He said strongly, "I can't regret unless I do anything. Don't think about it first."

Certainly, even if you want to do it, you tend to think a lot if you fail, but it is also important to act first.

While watching the Instagram, I was attracted to Saho's brightness and straight feeling. What was particularly impressive was Saho's words, "The treasures are packed in everyday life.

I wanted to cherish it to enjoy the moment of everyday life, even for a casual everyday time.

HereYou can see SAHO and his representative Nakamoto's Instagram distribution, so please take a look when you have time.


7. Information on the photo session

By the way, SAHO's photo session introduced this time "African plint and new self to be found in photos-Beautiful Life Photographer Saho-san's photo session.


April 24, 2021 (Saturday) * In the case of rainy weather, postponed to April 29, 2021 (Thursday / holiday)

[Time required]

About 50 minutes

* Coordination consultation about 25 minutes, about 25 minutes shooting



* Shooting will be performed at the shooting spot around RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

【Entry fee】

20,000 Yen


Only for the first 9 people


This PEATIXPlease apply more.

Please check the link above for details.

Why don't you find a new self through the photo session?

We look forward to your participation!☺


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