About a manufacturing process of アケロシリーズ

Hello. It is the Kondo positive incense of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (direct management store) member.

I introduce the backside of the manufacturing process of アケロバッグ which many everybodies give to me for a hand this time becoming the column of the サステナブルアクション first!
I really tell you about a state preparing it with a photograph in a direct management studio of Uganda.

Saito who participated in RICCI EVERYDAY Uganda internship before recorded the photograph and the production process.

・Preliminary arrangement
・Installation of the Handle handle
・Sewing of the main body of Body
・Pouch, Strap porch and strap


[preliminary arrangement]
①In Ghana and an Ugandan local market, I purchase cloth and leather.
It is really like the treasure hunt. I guess a pattern from an appearing part and choose only number cm.

②I wash in water with salt and tepid water to do confirmation of the discoloration and simple color end processing.

③I expose it to the sunlight and dry it.

④I cut an African print and the padding material which are the raw materials named the cause of the bag, lining to appropriate size.

[installation of the Handle handle]
①I cut leather used for the part of the handle of the bag!

②Soak a line for stitches in the deep water,

③I make a hole in leather directly. Because I am obstinate, the leather makes a hole beforehand.

④I prepare leather neatly.

⑤I stick leather on the appropriate place while measuring the dress material side of the bag well.

⑥I match cloth with leather and pierce it once again.

⑦It is a stitch along a hole! When I sew it by hand, using two needles, I put a thread through the hole in a school of fencing characterized by the use of a sword in each hand.

⑧I confirm finish health in staff everybodies!

[sewing of the main body of Body]
①I add a snap button to a fundal share.

②I match two pieces of padding materials with lining by an iron and a sewing machine.

③I sew a pocket on lining...

④I sew a label of RICCI EVERYDAY.

⑤I put a dress material and lining and seam it together.

⑥An iron kills the top on the handle.

⑦I open the top, approximately approximately 3mm distance at a handle and do a stitch.

⑧I attach D ring through the strap to the both ends.

⑨After an iron deleted the whole bag...

⑩I do a quality check and am completion! !

How would about? I sent all the handmade production spot from a part of the handle leather to a small stitch.

Earnest expression of staff everybody to reach from a photograph, all the expressions full of smiles are wonderful.

アケロバッグ which is produced carefully one by one distantly in the remote Ugandan ground by Japan. The production that I introduced this time looks on-site and thinks that I yearn and can float an expression of staff on the head whenever I have a hand take it.

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