Sustainable action for everyone

Hello. I'm Yoko Kondo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The HIll (directly managed store).

On August 26th this year, RICCI EVERYDAY was able to successfully celebrate its 5th anniversary. This is also thanks to everyone who supports us. thank you very much.

RICCI EVERYDAY has rebranded on the 5th anniversary. As part of this, we will power up the content that has been posted as a shop blog and deliver columns based on six themes.

Well, this time it will be the third content"Sustainable Action for everyone"I would like to introduce about.

Please enjoy the following two columns that have already been introduced.
  1. Just Be Yourself ~ Let's express your personality ~
  2. African print story

In this content, we plan to introduce the sustainability business that RICCI EVEYDAY is working on, the way of thinking about culture, and the content focusing on Ugandan manufacturing.

I hope to build connections with Ugandan staff through this content!

Many people's thoughts, social and cultural environments overlap until many bags and interior items, including the Akello series carefully manufactured with African prints, reach our hands.

Through this content, I would like to carefully disseminate information about the brand's "background" and "future future" so that it will be an opportunity to think about and expand interest.

In addition to RICCI EVERYDAY, we plan to introduce various activities that other brands and organizations are currently working on.

Recently, the word "sustainable" has been taken up in many media. I get the impression that there are many people who post their opinions on an individual basis through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.

I feel that this is one of our strengths because we are in an era where anyone can easily speak out through the Internet. We will deliver content that allows you to think about "sustainable" from various perspectives, not from one perspective, so please look forward to it!

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