[October 2, 2020] Charge for plastic shopping bags, and follow after that


I'm Moe Nishino, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (a store directly managed by Daikanyama).

It's October, and the depth of autumn is getting into full swing.
These days I feel very comfortable with the cry of insects.

On the other hand, when focusing on the weather, abnormal weather caused by global warming, such as squalls and large typhoons, is increasing its presence year by year.

When I was little, I didn't realize that the problem of global warming was so close to me, but I feel that it is a problem that each and every one of us must think about and tackle in the last few years. ..

By the way, from July 1, 2020, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that plastic shopping bags will be charged nationwide.

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we have been working hard to reduce the burden on the environment, such as avoiding excessive packaging, charging for paper bags, and reusing paper bags, aiming for a sustainable society.

I think there is some recognition that plastics are harmful to the environment and cause marine pollution, but do you know what kind of impact they have?One of the development goals of SDGs is "14, let's protect the richness of the sea"It is listed as. This time, I investigated the environmental problems caused by plastic products and the aftermath of the charge for plastic shopping bags!

"Marine pollution problem caused by plastic waste"

Plastic is used in various products because of its ease of processing. However, due to its light weight, abandoned trash on the roadside is thrown into the river and eventually flows into the sea.
Then, some people may wonder, "Isn't it okay if I throw it away firmly?", But according to a UN report.And 79% of plastic is illegally dumped or landfilled, and only 9% is recycled.That's right.
The resulting marine pollution has three major adverse effects.

The first is undoubtedlyImpact on marine lifeis. Drifting plastic debris hits rocks in the sea and shatters under the influence of sunlight. There have been many reports of sea creatures accidentally eating such subdivided plastics and accumulating them in their bodies.

The second isImpact on fisheriesis.
It is said that the catch is decreasing due to the influence of marine pollution, and plastic garbage is caught in the net used for fishing, which hinders the fishing industry. Selling the beautiful sea has an impact on areas that promote tourism.

The 3rd oneImpact on the human bodyis. When we eat marine products grown by ingesting plastic, we inevitably accumulate plastic in our bodies. It has been reported that some plastic components contain carcinogenicity. (From the United Nations Information Center)

"Two months from the charge for plastic shopping bags ..."

Two months have already passed since the shopping bag was charged. So what is the actual penetration rate of my bag?
Wal-Mart Japan is Seiyu nationwideThe carry-on rate of my bag reached 70.1% in August 2020.Was announced. Since 2007, Seiyu has been conducting a campaign to discount 2 yen from the total price if you bring your own bag at all stores, but the carry-on rate as of 2011 was 52.1%, which is larger than the current charge. You can see that there is a difference. (reference:https://bsp.corporate.walmart.com/japan/_news_/2012/09/12/701

On the other hand, recently, it is often said that if you do not have a plastic shopping bag, you will have trouble with garbage disposal, pet walking, and garbage bags. actuallyWhen using an eco-bag made of plastic material, if you dispose of it after using it 50 times or less, the burden on the environment will be greater than using a plastic shopping bag.It is said that.
Furthermore, due to the influence of this corona, masks and face shields, more deliveries and takeouts, and more online shopping, plastic waste is increasing more than before.
Hygiene vs. environmental protection seems to be a permanent issue.

"Plastic shopping bag situation in the world"

So what kind of efforts are being made in the world?
Many countries are tackling this plastic problem earlier than Japan, and more than 60 countries have already implemented regulations, including a ban on plastic shopping bags.

For example, in the UK, you are always asked if you have your own bag at the cash register, and shopping bags are sold for 5 to 10 pence (about 7 to 15 yen). As shown in the photo above, the plastic shopping bag is also made sturdy with the message "Please use it repeatedly", and I see some people who use it repeatedly as my bag.

What's more, as it isShopping bag that can be used as compostThere is also! The bag is recommended for use as food waste disposal or as compost as it is.

Recently, the demand for online supermarkets is increasing in Japan, but at the online supermarket in the UK that I use, I specify the pick-up time, and when the delivery truck arrives, bring my bag to pick up the luggage. I have to go. At this time, I don't get a plastic shopping bag from the supermarket as a service, so if I buy in bulk saying "Because it's online!", I can't carry it to my room, and I often go back and forth between the room and the truck. Lol
It may seem inconvenient, but it gave me an opportunity to reconsider that Japanese services may sometimes go against the perspective of environmental protection.

How was it? According to the World Economic Forum, by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will exceed that of marine life.

In this corona sickness, people tend to focus on improving the hygienic environment, but it seems that many people have started a kitchen garden by composting food waste on the occasion of charging for plastic shopping bags.
There are pros and cons regarding the charge for plastic shopping bags, but isn't it an opportunity to reconsider whether we really need something that we casually use?

It may be important to review your daily habits, such as not receiving plastic products that you do not need as much as possible, and reusing them as much as possible if you do.

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we also have shopping bags of various capacities. Please look for your favorite my bag!

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