I am a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama directly managed store).

Too hot summer.
It's raining too much.
Plastic garbage with no place to go.
Refugees, immigrants, and races that occur around the world.

Until now, events that had happened beyond the TV began to happen around us, and it was no longer perceived as other people.
Such these days, even in Japan"Sustainable Development Goals: SDGS)Initiatives for individuals, companies and society are increasing from a variety of perspectives.

RICCI EVERYDAY also aims to contribute to achieving SDGs as a company that is a part of society. Of the 17 goals set by SDGs,

Goal 5. Realize gender equality

Goal 10. Let's eliminate people and countries inequality

Goal 12. Responsibilities to make

Especially for these three goals.

This time, at the root of our philosophy, "Here are the goals 5. Realization of gender equality ".

In Uganda, out of all homesAbout 24%is a single mother householdIt is said that the number is about 176 million households (about 7 million). The average number of families in single mother households is four, and there are many cases where women who are single -mother are responsible for the family's household budget. (2014, Uganda Census)

Of the 15.8 million women over the age of 15, 10 % are divorced or separated, and it is more compared to 5 % of men.
In addition, it is reported that 11 % of women are widow (1 % for men). (2016, Uganda Census)

The table below shows the degree of gender equality in the world, published by the World Economic Forum in December 2019. In the four fields of economic, politics, education, and health, women's status is analyzed and indexed and ranked. In African countries, Rwanda ranks 9th the highest. Uganda is 65th, ranking 22nd since the previous year. (Japan is 121st, recorded the lowest ever ...)

In Uganda in this situation, there are 18 people in the RICCI EVERYDAY studio and two staff members. Of these, 12 staff members are working in the workshop while raising children as a single mother.

RICCI EVERYDAY has been working on a variety of initiatives for Uganda staff, especially women, to achieve further gender equality.

  • Women's active employment:
    • Actively employ women (especially single mothers) as regular staff
    • Various benefits (pension system joining, partial assistance for medical expenses, compensation for leave, education loan (interest -free loan)), etc.

  • Technical guidance that leads to sewing skill improvement:
    • Sewing guidance to match Japanese quality standards
    • Manufacturing process management up to delivery

  • Creating a place to deepen the relationship between staff:
    • Vegetable making and chicken farming in part of the workshop
    • Held a group dinner twice a year

At RICCI EVERYDAY, women around the world, including Uganda, can be themselves, and we will work further in a society where gender inequality is eliminated!




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