Delivered by London's resident staff! What is the event of "AFRICA x FASHION x London"?

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

November has entered the second half!

Isn't the season of autumn leaves soon?

I spend every day thinking that I want to make a look at the leaves that have changed colors in red and yellow in the sunny autumn sky.

As I mentioned a little in my previous column, I have come to study abroad in London, England.

London is already struggling to get up from the bed every morning because the outside is still dark at 7 am, in addition to the cold weather that makes you feel the arrival of winter.

In this column, I would like to write a little about Africa that I experienced in London!

1. What is Black History Month?

2. I went to AFRICAN FASHION Week!

3. in conclusion

1. What is Black History Month?

In London, October is the Black History Month.

Black History Month was one month in the United Kingdom in 1987, with the aim of reconfirming the culture and feat of people with roots in Africa and Caribbean and learning their history.

Therefore, in October, many events and exhibitions related to Africa and Caribbean were held in the UK.

Some events are held every week at the university I am currently attending, and I attended some of them.

I was able to learn the history that I had never had a chance to know.

2. I went to AFRICAN FASHION Week!

Also, on October 9th, I saw THE PEOPLE'S CATWALK, one of the AFRICAN FASHION WEEK!


(Quoted from the homepage of AFRICAN FASHION Week London)

African Fashion Week is the largest fashion event in Europe, such as designs influenced by Africa and Africa, and you can see a lot of fashionable clothes using African prints.

At the Peple's Catwalk I saw, while the uptempo music was echoing, the general public was walking in Catwalk in African fashion, and it was very exciting to see the venue in a warm atmosphere.

I was impressed all the time as to whether there was such a way of dressing!


(Quoted from the homepage of AFRICAN FASHION Week London)

There was a market at the venue, and there were many clothes and miscellaneous goods using handmade African cloth.



Each shop has cute clothes and accessories, and I have done many laps in the venue ...



From West Africa, such as Nigeria and Ghana, there are shops in East Africa, including Kenya, and in a dream -like space, grinning did not stop (it must be considered a strange person. But ... lol)


As a result of my worries, I bought a necklace, back, and a jacket, though not shown in the photo.

This necklace and bag seem to be handmade, and it was a good memory to be able to talk to the shop!

3. in conclusion

What did you think?

I wrote my experience for the first time, so I hope everyone who has read it has enjoyed it.

If you are interested, please take a look!

If there is something that can be transmitted from London in the future, I would like to continue.

I want to hear this! If you have that, please let me know!


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