What is international day to eliminate violence against women? The message we want to convey


Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY. The other day, I went to an island for the first time in a long time and refreshed my mind and body. The time I spent under the clear sky was very luxurious.

By the way, this time, I wrote a column in conjunction with "International Day of the elimination of violence against women" on November 25.

1. What is international day to eliminate violence against women?

2. The background of this day was born

3. Initiatives in Japan

Four. What is the relationship with RICCI EVERYDAY?

Five. At the end

1. What is international day to eliminate violence against women?

It is an international day specified by the United Nations as an awareness of the elimination of all violence against women and girls. The campaign will be held for 16 days until the human rights day on December 10.

This year's theme is "Let's unite! For actions to eliminate violence between women and girls," (Unite! Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls).

A campaign is held using orange, a symbol of a bright future without violence.

2. The background of this day was born

International Day to eliminate violence against women was adopted in 1997 at the United Nations General Assembly.

In the case of Mirabal sisters, who had been opposition to dictatorship in the Republic of Dominica in 1960, were assassinated by the government, all violence against women and girls was strongly aware.

It has been 25 years since this International Day was adopted, but the United Nations is said to have one in three women in a lifetime of physical and mental violence.

It continues around the world, regardless of developed countries and developing countries, and this figure does not fluctuate even after about 10 years.

3. Initiatives in Japan

Actually, activities are maintained mainly in this period in Japan.

① UN WOMEN Japan Office and Bunkyo Ward

We hold classes and courses at schools and facilities in Bunkyo Ward.

Not only children, but also parents will learn together, and we offer gender courses, such as unconscious stereotypes and gender gaps.

By knowing these issues from an early age, it seems that you can acquire the ability to think about things from a multifaceted perspective.

In Bunkyo Ward, we also work in cooperation with UN Women Japan Office on March 8th.

② Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office creates a leaflet on the theme of "Sexual violence," provides a place where people who are worried can consult.

On November 12, radio tower, monuments, and commercial facilities all over the country were lit up in purple, after purple ribbon, a symbol of eradicating violence against women.

The lighting up in 2022 ends on November 25, but it seems that purple light -ups are held every year during this period.

Four. What is the relationship with RICCI EVERYDAY?

The relationship between RICCI EVERYDAY and international day to eliminate violence against women is "staff".

Staff who make things in Uganda are socially alienated people, such as former child soldiers and single mothers. They can work proudly by sending their own products to Japan and other worlds.



It is very nice for us to buy it because the product is cute and it is practical, but I hope that you can receive the message we want to deliver through the product.

Five. At the end


It is said to be gender equality, but many women are still violent in the world. What we can do may be a little power, but why not take this opportunity to start a small action together?

UN Women

UN Women Japan Office

Cabinet Office Gender Association

Bunkyo Ward

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