"RICCI EVERYDAY x Education" so far and from now on

Hello! I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

One month has passed since the new year ... Did you get a good one -year start dash?

I feel like this year is going to be a good year! I have an unfounded excitement (laughs) I feel that the remaining 11 months will pass quickly, but I hope I can spend a year positively!

By the way, this time, on the day of "International Day of Education", I hope that RICCI EVERYDAY will contribute to "education".

1. What is the international day of education?

2. Contribution to RICCI EVRYDAY education

3. RICCI EVERYDAY and education in the future

Four. in conclusion

1. What is the international day of education?

January 24 was the day of International Day of Education. "International Day of Education" was "in 2018 by the United Nations"The day to celebrate the role of important education for world peace and human developmentWas established as ".


The primary school rate for primary education in developed areas was 76%in 1990, but in 2015 it reached 91%. With the progress of international education cooperation, education has become widespread. However, the South African area of ​​Uganda's Sahara area was 80%in 2015, which was 52%in 1990, which increased significantly, but did not reach 91%of the average development area.

In addition, there are reports that less than 40%of girls who can graduate from junior high school in the Sahara African region, less than 40%of refugees and about 4 million young people have not been able to attend school.

In this way, the "International Day of Education" was enacted to aim for "change of education", with the fact that the right to receive education has been infringed.

The fifth theme of this year is “to Invest in People, Prioritize Education” (investment in people, education first).

This theme is based on the view that education must be given priority first to solve global recession, inequality expansion, and climate change.


In my opinion, I invest in education to solve these problems, rather than, because education itself is the right to achieve personal happiness, so I give priority to education to protect that right. I think it should be.

Of course, many problems around the world and education are not irrelevant, and if you invest in education and become more popular, you may be able to solve the problem. But the important thing is that solving world problems leads to the spread of education. Isn't it important to think at the same time, not either?

What we can do is to focus on what is happening in the world and be aware that we live in developed countries to prevent the rights of developing countries. think.

I hope that as many people as possible will be able to focus on the world situation in the wake of "International Day of Education" in order to ensure fairness.

2. Contribution to RICCI EVRYDAY education

Let's talk about what RICCI EVERYDAY is doing to protect the right to receive the education.

RICCI EVERYDAY contributes to education by paying a local staff working in Uganda's directly managed studio.

I would like to talk about the interview with the booklet "5+1 SENSES", which was delivered to the customer at the RICCI EVERYDAY sub -service before.


Carroll, the manager of Uganda Kobo, had repeated college for economic reasons before joining RICCI EVERYDAY. He had no work for his parents, and Carroll himself worked for a low -paying company, and could not pay the tuition to advance and continue his studies.

However, he started working on RICCI EVERYDAY and gained sufficient salary, and he was able to end his university and now pay his sister's tuition.

And by being able to use what he learned at university in RICCI EVERYDAY, Carroll says he realizes how important education is.



Jaria, who is in charge of making the leather part of the Akero bag at Uganda Kobo, has been educated by her children after joining RICCI EVERYDAY.

He says he is working hard to get children to live a better life.



Grace, also in charge of leather, has said that children have begun to work on RICCI EVERYDAY.

It seems that the children went to school and could afford to buy what they need and what they wanted, approaching the lives of low -income earners.



In this way, there are staff members who have been able to go to school to school and family who have been able to go to school through RICCI EVERYDAY work. You can also see that RICCI EVERYDAY is a place for RICCI EVERYDAY to make use of what you have learned at university.

3. RICCI EVERYDAY and education in the future

RICCI EVERYDAY is not only in Uganda but also in Japan to contribute to education!

Representative, Nakamoto ChiizuNew Year's columnAs we talked about, this spring, children's books for elementary and junior high school students on the theme of RICCI EVERYDAY will be released.

(You can see the production of the book from the tag of Instagram's #Mamoto Uganda book! Eri Eguchi, a writer who is writing, spells out the struggle. By all means.Eguchi's InstagramPlease go to see! )


It will be a content that allows young people to feel the fun of working with people with different values ​​and creating new value through this book ... and in the international community and the fields I envision. With the hope that RICCI EVERYDAY can contribute a little to the development of young leaders, we will continue to send something related to education! stay tuned!

Four. in conclusion

How was it? I think there was a little stiff section (laughs), but thank you for reading to the end!

I hope you will pay attention to the development of "RICCI EVERYDAY x education" in the future. Please look forward to it♪

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