Introducing the staff of Uganda Kobo that makes RICCI EVERYDAY items♪

Hello. This is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

How are you spending in the new year?

From 4/22 (Sat) to 29th (Sat), it was Fashion Revolution Week.

Fashion Revolution Week is a global campaign aiming to reform the fashion industry.

Events and campaigns will be held to ask about the transparency of the production background and the degree of consideration for people and the environment.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the staff of Uganda Kobo who makes items for RICCI EVERYDAY.♪

Please take a look to the end.

table of contents

1. Staff introduction

2. Extra edition

3. Finally

1. Staff introduction

Tailor Christine.

It is a chief taylor that summarizes the tayers. I'm currently on maternity leave, but I'm looking forward to coming back.

Tailor Sarah.

She likes listening to music and going to the beach. Above all, I like dance music!

Susan, manager.

Green tops and green -tone library homes are cute♡

Taylor Florence.

She always works silently, but she likes watching dramas at home.

Tailor Zipola.

I'm a professional who makes clothes. The clothes we introduce are made with her hands.

Towaha, a leather craftsman.

The Akero Berk Cross and RICCI EVERYDAY Berkrostote flowed two swords. (smile)

Tailor Meres.

I'm a member of Taylor. I always carry a notebook and write down the inspiration I felt today.

Rachel, a leather craftsman, has a Kiko Eco Circle.

The hairstyle is wonderful, and the style with the Kiko Eco Circle shines.

Tailor Jenny.

She has a wonderful smile and she gets a RICCI EVERYDAY tote. I love chatting.

Najima of leather craftsmen.

She is always quiet and is a sister in the workshop. I have a lunch tote in Muslim style.

2. Extra edition

Finally, we will introduce a child who will brighten the atmosphere of the whole studio!

Hime -chan.

Hime, a studio dog, is a member of the important studio who will heal everyone.

Without Hime -chan's power, RICCI EVERYDAY's powerful items may not be made!

3. At the end

This time, we introduced the staff of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The staff is producing with all sincerity, thinking about what you will learn.

When you have RICCI EVERYDAY items, I hope you remember the staff ..!

If you want to actually feel the warmth of such a handmade, or want to experience Uganda's atmosphere while in Japan, by all means.RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka ShowroomPlease come♪

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