World Environmental Day and RICCI EVERYDAY

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you?

In June, the rainy season has finally entered.

Speaking of June, "PRIDE MONTH". And June 5 was "World Environmental Day".

I think there are many opportunities to learn about various topics this month.

This time, we will introduce the RICCI EVERYDAY initiatives in connection with the June 5th "World Environmental Day".

table of contents

1. What is "World Environmental Day"?

2. Environment x RICCI EVERYDAY

3. last

1. What is "World Environmental Day"?

According to the Ministry of the Environment, "World Environmental Day" is explained as follows.

"June 5 is an environmental day. This is set to commemorate the" United Nations Human Environmental Conference "held in Stockholm from June 5, 1972.

The United Nations stipulates June 5 as "World Environmental Day" in response to Japan's proposal, and in Japan, the "Environmental Basic Law" (1993) sets "Environmental Day". "

(Quoted from the Ministry of Environment website)

Surprising and surprising. World Environmental Day was proposed to the United Nations from Japan!

(Strictly speaking, a proposal from Japan and Senegal)

The theme of World Environmental Day in 2023 was "solution to plastic pollution".

In recent years, environmental pollution and problems with plastic products have become a major issue.

There are various initiatives around the world to reduce plastic.

2. Environment x RICCI EVERYDAY

2-1. Do not use plastic or chemical fibers

RICCI EVERYDAY is working not to use plastic and chemical fibers.

RICCI EVERYDAY strives to create things that do not put a load on the environment because the apparel industry has had a significant influence on environmental issues.

We use not only materials that occupy most of the product, but also parts.

for example

In the Akero bag series

・ African print (cotton)

・ Cowhide (leather from Uganda meat cows)

・ Each metal part

We use materials that can be covered in Uganda and Japan.

recently,NAWOLOVUIn the line and the GIFT from Trash collection, we make bags using old -fashioned denim and African plinting hagilly, which flows to Uganda ...!

We make good use of things in this world rather than creating new materials.

It is easy to think of creating something like 0 → 1, but it is also creativity to devise something with something.

2-2. Products that can be used for a long time, and the background of the product

There is also a desire to use the product for a long time.

The longer you use it, the more you will love and your thoughts on things will change.

In addition, through columns and SNS, we deliver the staff of Uganda Kobo, the creators of the products.

If you know that it is carefully made one by one by human hands, you will think that you will use it longer.

That thought is not visible, but it means that the user and the creator are connected.

3. last


What did you think.

Thinking about the environment may feel a huge scale.


I think that doing it from where you can do it, and doing it with people around the world, each of them will be a big result.


When I think about the environment, I remember that the professor who always took care of me in college talked to me.


"Hashimoto -kun, the world is now fighting over resources, territory, and economy, but do you know how to solve it? You don't have to fight, but somehow, everyone will only see the easy -to -understand economy ... I think we should face reality from the front. "

Look at the product