October is 3R months! RICCI EVERYDAY sustainable initiatives

hello. I'm Sasaki, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff.

In this column, we will introduce RICCI EVERYDAY's sustainability initiatives. This is because the Ministry of the Environment stipulates that October is a 3R promotion month, aiming to promote the formation of a recycling -oriented society.

What is 1.3R?


3. Environmental issues and me

4. Finally

What is 1.3R?

The 3R is the name of the initials of redus, reuse, and recycling.

(I learned when I was in elementary school ...?)

Behind the fact that the 3R is said is the establishment of the Basic Law for Promotion of Circulation Social Social Formation. This is enacted in 2000, and it has been a problem of "mass production, mass consumption, mass disposal" -type economic models, and forms a circulating model from production to disposal. The purpose is to suppress consumption and reduce the load on the environment (Ministry of the Environment HPThan).

You may often hear the terms of "sustainability" and "circular" rather than the 3R.


RICCI EVERYDAY is particularly working on redus.

① Utilization of African plint

A fabric hagile that is left over when making a product. The Kagurazaka Showroom uses a workshop, for GIFT from Trash products, and original wrapping bags. This is not only to reduce garbage, but also in the culture that makes the most of the limited resources in uganda, which is a culture that makes it as possible.

October is a workshop using HagileTumbler buildingIt will be held.

② Crochet stripe bag

NAWOLOVUProducts introduced on the line. The main material of this product is a T -shirt. When making T -shirts of various colors, they are braided by hand, connecting the hagirire that comes out at the time of cutting.

③ NO More Plastic Place

RICCI EVERYDAY is also working on reducing plastic use. Now that you can easily shop online, we do not use plastic for packing and product materials.

3. Environmental issues and me

You may have wondered what you are talking about. I made this title because I was more aware of reducing garbage while working on RICCI EVERYDAY.

Before working, I was interested in environmental issues, but the value of Uganda's manufacturing culture and branding as a brand changed dramatically.

For example, until now, I thought it would be natural for products to be wrapped in plastic bags one by one, but on the contrary, I realized that it was over -packaging, and I was aware of purchasing products that do not put out garbage as much as possible. I did it.

In addition, I feel attractive to the products made of resources (things that are likely to be garbage), such as bicycle objects that were introduced in Selected by C or paper beads. It has come to be like. I came to think that things made by making effective use of resources effectively rather than a large amount of things.

4. Finally

How was it?

Please tell us that you are working on 3R!

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