A must -see for RICCI EVERYDAY fans! 3 Uganda sightseeing spots!

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. It's been a good time to spend time, and recently I have been to the gym every morning. I'll do my best to aim for a beautiful body!

By the way, this time, if you go to Uganda on the day of the World Sightseeing on September 27, we will introduce three selections you want to visit!

RICCI EVERYDAY fans will surely be able to enjoy it, so please enjoy it to the end.

1. Cloth market

2. Craft market

3. Fly Day Market

4. in conclusion

1.Cloth market

If you like African printing, you can definitely excite a cloth market. The exhilaration when I went here is the best this year (laughs)

There are about 3 tatami mats and a small cloth shop along the main street and the building. Not only the number of stores is large, but there are countless African prints, so you will not get tired of visiting many times.

There are pure cotton (100 % cotton) used for RICCI EVERYDAY products, while others have waxed cloth like tablecloth.

2.Craft market

The craft market sells many miscellaneous goods, including pictures, accessories, and sandals made by local people.

Like a market for tourists, there were many overseas people.

Isn't this the feature of this market this picture? When the writer is there, he can also draw a stylish portrait!

3.Fly Day Market

The last is the introduction of the Fly Day Market.

This is a market held on Friday, as the name implies.

There are everything from accessories, pouches, and bags, but they sold parts! This is a perfect market for those who want to make something.

It seems that Christmas ornaments made of beads are sold all year round, and tourists from Europe often buy it.

4. in conclusion

This time, I introduced a sightseeing spot that would surely be worried if you like RICCI EVERYDAY.

Why don't you visit when you go to Uganda?

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