Staff recommended 3 Kagurazaka Spots♪

Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

At the end of September, there are still hot and humid days, but the season is quite easy.

I hope this comfortable temperature will continue, but ...

It has been three months since the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka showroom opened.

So today, I would like to introduce my favorite spots around Kagurazaka Showroom on a blog!

Even if you stand quietly in a residential area in Kagurazaka, it is fun to explore it because there are many shops that have a certain taste.♪

The area around Kagurazaka and Ushigomeyanagi is perfect for a walk, such as finding a shop while walking or taking a break at a cafe.

This time, I would like to introduce the shops you want to stop by when you visit Kagurazaka and Ushigomeyanagi -cho.

table of contents

1. L'Habitude

2. Antika Osteria Carneya

3. Yakuoji Cafe

4. At the end


1.   L'Habitude Mr. Miss.

It is a cute French restaurant with an exterior near the Kagurazaka Showroom.

The feature here is the goodness of the cospa!

You can enjoy the perfect appetizers, main desserts, etc.

The appetizer is delicious and delicious without suits the word appetizer.

Both the main dishes are also seasoned with both vegetables and meat, and your stomach is happy. 。

I visited the shop about three times as a complete repeater, but I was surprised that the representative Nakamoto was a favorite shop for a long time.

Please drop in♪

2.Antika Osteria CarneyaMr. Miss

This is also an outstanding Italian restaurant near the Kagurazaka Showroom.

Carneya seems to mean "meat" in Italian, and as the name suggests, you can enjoy juicy hamburgers, steaks and pasta.

I ordered a steak, but not only meat, but also the potatoes of the garnish were creamy seasoning and very delicious.

If you are a hamburger, you can choose from various flavored burgers such as mozzarella burger and tartar burger.

I want to eat gutsly meat! Recommended at that time♪

3.Yakuoji Cafe Mr. Miss.

This is a 5 -minute walk from Ushigomeyanagi -cho.

Kagurazaka has many French restaurants and Italian restaurants, so you can enjoy Japanese -style dishes.

This is a cafe, but there is also a lunch and a stomach -friendly menu.

I am indebted to you when you want to eat Japanese food with dashi.

It is a nice point to have a mini dessert for lunch.

The sweets were also very delicious, and I had a matcha Shiratama Zenzai.

The absolutely delicious combination of cream and white ball will bring you happiness. smile

You can also take out here.

It seems fun to take a walk in Kagurazaka with one hand.♪

4. At the end

Thank you for reading to the end.

If you come to Kagurazaka Showroom, please visit us.

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It will be a priority on the reservation customer, so if the holiday schedule is right, I hope you will come to the Kagurazaka Showroom.♪

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