Introduction of Uganda staff! World Friendship Day

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. Two weeks have passed since I came to Uganda, and I feel impatient with the short days left ...

How do you spend the summer in Japan? Please be careful not to lose to the heat.

By the way, this time, we introduce Ugunda staff who makes RICCI EVERYDAY products.

1. July 30 About "World Friendship Day"

2. Studio staff

3. in conclusion

1. July 30 About "World Friendship Day"

Suddenly, do you know the "World Friendship Day" on July 30?

The International Day was declared in 2011, and was stipulated under the idea that people, countries, culture, and personal friendship promoted efforts to peace and build a bridge between communities.


It seems difficult to make an effort for peace, but thanks to the familiar people and the community, and deepening friends may result in peace.

Why don't you take this opportunity to thank your friends?

2. Studio staff

At RICCI EVERYDAY, customers and Ugand staff have been communicating and have been making efforts to make Uganda and staff more familiar. Recently, we have been communicating through letters in a plan called "Penfrend Circle".

The customer who purchased the RICCI EVERYDAY item is to raise a letter to the Uganda studio staff and deliver the reply to the customer.

The details of the project areThis columnplease look at!

Are you wondering what kind of people in such letters are?

This time, we will introduce 5 studio staff.


In charge: Administrative Manager

Years of service: 4 years

Favorite things: Going out

Favorite place: Saba at onomo hotel

Favorite movie: Coming to America

She supports everyone in an administrative job, not the production side! She is very fashionable, not only her clothes but also hairstyles and nails. I took a week of coordination this time! This is the case♪


In charge: Management, Tailor

Years of service: 5, 6 years

Favorite things: Watching the movie

Favorite place: House

Favorite movie: Tom and Jerry

If you ask me to take a picture, the front is embarrassing ...

She is teaching and producing while organizing everyone. He seems to like manga, and he gave Tom and Jerry to his favorite movie (laughs) Even if there is no conversation, the fun seems to be universal!


In charge: Eco, Akero

Continuation of work: 5 years

Favorite things: Listening to music

Favorite place: House

Favorite movie: Nigerians

She gave her favorite movie called Nigerian's, but I couldn't find it for some reason, but I thought it was an opportunity to talk to her a little shy, so I thought about this movie again. I'll ask you!


In charge: Leather, Tailor

Continuation of work: 5 years

Favorite things: Heading rice

Favorite place: None

Favorite music: gospel

She smiles very charming! She often talks to me. She seems to like gospel, but there are some other staff who like gospel, so I asked why. She answered, "God will guide us." It was a strange feeling for me who had nothing to believe in eagerly, but God seems to be a big one.


In charge: Tailor

Continuation of work: 5 years

Favorite things: Listening to music, going to the beach

Favorite place: Home Village

Favorite music: dance music

She seemed to like dance music, and she felt very surprising to her, with her calm image! Above all, Celine Dion is a pusher.



Continuation of work: 6 years

Favorite things: Singing gospel

Favorite place: Church

Favorite music: gospel

She is also one of the gospel who likes gospel. Someone is always playing some kind of music in the workshop, but gospel may be flowing there.

3. in conclusion

Until the end Thank you for reading. We couldn't introduce everyone, but I hope we can do it somewhere in the future.

In the interview with the staff, I was very surprised at the length of the staff's service! I felt that each one was responsible for his role and became a missing person.

It is difficult to meet directly when you live in Japan, but I hope you know Ugand staff and feel familiar.

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