The 50th anniversary of the 50th anniversary, a slightly good service selection for the earth "World Environmental Day"

Hello, I'm Saito of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, the refreshing early summer weather continues! The wind is so good.

However, before the full -fledged rainy season comes, I want to change clothes and clean it ... (laughs).

It's getting hot, so I want to be careful about my physical condition.

Well, suddenly,Do you know what day on June 5th?

The correct answer is ...World Environmental Day (Environmental Day)is.

This time, to commemorate the World Environmental Day, we will introduce an environment that can be selected when using RICCI EVERYDAY and the initiatives that started on June 1.

table of contents

1. What is World Environmental Day?

2. For a long time, "repair service"

3. "Eco -packaging service" is a great deal

Four. "Paperless" new initiative

5. To reach

1. What is World Environmental Day?

World Environmental Day is an international anniversary enacted by the United Nations to commemorate the "Stockholm Conference" (International Human Environmental Conference), the first world conference on the environment held in Sweden on June 5, 1972. 。

(reference:Ministry of the Environment

The theme of 2022 is "ONLY ONE EARTH" "" irreplaceable Earth ".

The focus is on the necessity of living in harmony with nature and a sustainable life, and the possibility of shifting to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle through policies and our choices.

This year, the 50th anniversary of Stockholm Conference, Sweden will be the host country again!

(reference:IRIEP International Environmental Policy Research Institute

But 50 years after environmental issues have been shouted. At the same time as a memorable year, you shouldn't forget what you have done in the last 50 years?

We, RICCI EVERYDAY, have chosen an African plastic factory that does not produce sewage, reuses hagilly, using sustainable materials, and has been engaged in various efforts.

We will continue to work on environmentally friendly manufacturing.

The following column introduces detailed initiatives.

Efforts for the environment of RICCI EVERYDAY

2. For a long time, "repair service"

By the way, here are some good things for the earth, which can be done through the RICCI EVERYDAY service selection.

Did you know that there is a "repair service" of the Achero series?

I would like you to use the bag you have chosen carefully with your love for a long time. With such thoughts, I make it carefully one by one.

In addition, there are only a few RICCI EVERYDAY bags made from African prints with different designs.

The directly managed store has introduced the following two repair services.

① Waterproofing service

② Repair metal in various bags in the Akero series

・ Left and right metal fittings at the top of the bag

・ Internal magnet

・ Bright fittings on the four corners of the bottom

① Waterproof processing service (¥ 110 tax included)

At the directly managed store, we will call a waterproof spray on the spot. By suppressing discoloration and dirt on the bag, you can enjoy the bright colors for a long time!

(We have confirmed that it does not fade at the manufacturing stage)

② Repair metal in various bags in the Akero series

We accept repair of metal parts at directly managed stores.

When you keep your bag and the repair is completed, you will come to the store again.

・ Left and right metal fittings at the top of the bag

(One side ¥ 550 car side ¥ 1,100 tax included)

・ Internal magnet

(1 place ¥ 2,200 ¥ 4,400 tax included for uneven set)

・ Bright fittings on the four corners of the bottom

(2 parts on one side ¥ 1,650 All the bottom is ¥ 3,300 tax included)

Using your favorite things for a long time will eventually reduce the burden on the environment.

In addition, having your own care on your own will last a long time.

If you do your best to care, it seems that your attachment will sprout more and more!

The usual way of care is introduced in this column.

How to clean the Achero series

3. Great deals with the "eco -packaging" service

Next is the "eco -wrapping" service. Isn't there a lot of people who don't know surprisingly?

In fact, it's a pretty good service!

This can be used at the online store.

Usually, when delivering from the online store, we wrap the product in a blue thin paper and put more than one.

However, the increase in online shopping and takeouts has caused excessive garbage to excrete excessive packaging.

Therefore, RICCI EVERYDAY provides an "eco -packaging" service to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.

・ Precautions for handling

・ Statement card

・ Thank you card (message from the representative)

・ Blue thin paper (wrapped in products)

・ Precautions for handling

Although it is modest, if you choose eco -wrapping,100 yen OFF couponWe will send you along with the product! It can be used for the next shopping.

If you would like an eco -packaging, please describe "Eco -packaging hope" in the remarks column of the order screen (cart).


Four. "Paperless" new initiative

RICCI EVERYDAY will implement a new initiative from June 1st, which will be "paperless of delivery books".

Until now, when I went shopping at the online store, I printed a delivery note and delivered it with the product.

From now on, we would like you to use the "confirmation email of your order" you are sent at the time of order.

※For more informationThis newsplease look at.

This initiative has also started with the desire to reduce the amount of garbage and reduce the load on the environment as much as possible.

By all means, I would like to proceed with various efforts with you.

One step of 100 people than 100 steps.

Five. in conclusion

How was it?

What can we do for each one for "only one earth" "" irreplaceable earth? "

Let's make a good choice for the earth.

That a little should lead to the future.

Would you like to take that step together?

Look at the product