Do you know SRHR? "Action for women's health" International Day

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

May is another week ... The flow of time is quick! It is around this time that I feel.

Do you know what day is coming May 28?

It may not be well known, but on May 28Action for women's health "International Dayis. It began with the International Women's Health Conference held in Costa Rica in Central America in 1987.

-What is "SRHR"?

Have you ever heard the word sexual reproxative health/rights (SRHR)? In Japanese, SRHR is translated as "health and rights related to gender and reproductive", meaning that everyone has the right to decide on "sex" and "way of life", and is satisfied with both physically and mentally. To do.

With a social crisis, women's SRHR was easily invaded, and the pandemic of colonovirus infection was no exception.

-SRHR of a woman who retreated by Corona's evil-

Corona's tight medical care may not be able to receive a reproxative health service that should be received. As a result, there is an increase in the risk of having unintended pregnancy or non -safe abortions.

In addition, increasing time at home due to self -restraint or prohibition, increases the risk of violence in women and girls at home. Such violence has increased around the world in the corona evil.

In addition, even in an environment where dual -working families work together at home, women tend to be overwhelming than men, and the load on women is higher than men.

In many cases, employment of non -regular and informal forms, and if the economy deteriorates due to a social crisis such as corona, it is more likely that income will decrease or lose work and fall into poverty. It is also a woman who is expensive.


It is important that women are financially independent and that they have an environment where women can make decisions on their own gender and health.

RICCI EVERYDAY involves socially alienated people, such as single mothers living in Uganda urban areas and Motoko soldiers, as creators. They are working on their own, gaining confidence in gaining their own life while earning regular income through their work, sending their own products to the world with pride.

The action of the RICCI EVERYDAY is to be able to live healthy and live.

In addition, three companies, "Lactoferrin Lab", a product of "SARAYA", a "SARAYA" product that protects women from infectious diseases in Uganda, who works to protect women's human rights and SRHR. Collaboration and "Lactoferrin lab donation gift setWas released.

1,000 yen per set is donated to Joyseef, which is used for Safe Mother Project and "Teen's Single Mother Life Skill Support". (For more informationHerefrom)

You can see the sample at the Daikanyama direct store. Please call the staff.

- in conclusion -

How was it? I hope this column tries to think about SRHR.

May everyone live healthy and themselves ...



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