What day is April 22? What I want to think and act now


Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The new year is starting and it's a exciting season. I am planning what I want to do this year and planning to fulfill everything.

Well, suddenly, I have a question for everyone! Did you know what day on April 22?

The correct answer is ...


International Mother Earth Day(Here is Earth Day).

This time, we will introduce environmental issues related to Earth Day.

table of contents

1. What is International Mother Earth Day?

2. Recent environmental problems

3. RICCI EVERYDAY initiatives

Four. At the end

1. What is International Mother Earth Day?

Haven't you heard the word "Earth Day" in recent years?

The International Mother Earth Day is the day when Geyload Nelson, a US senior member of the United States, held a rally on environmental issues.

When it comes to environmental issues, it feels like a recent problem, but since the Industrial Revolution, it has been regarded as a problem mainly in Europe.

Also, around the 1970s, Rachelkerson's Spring Spring was written in 1962. In 1972, Roman Club announced the "Growth Limit".

In the same year, the United Nations Human Environmental Conference was held and attracted attention as the first world conference on the environment.

Somehow, some people have heard it?

In other words, around the 1970s, when Earth Day began, it could be said that the awareness of the environment for the environment was gradually becoming sprouting in the world.

At present, events related to Earth Day are held nationwide in Japan.

2. Recent environmental problems

The environmental initiative has spread in Japan.

Mostly, from April 1st of this month, ""Plastic resource recycling promotion methodWas enforced.

In the news, some people have seen a cutlery hole in the handle to reduce the amount of plastic usage, or an example of the abolition of accommodation amenities abolished or paid. Is not it?

You can see that it is working on the law that was enacted this time.

We are also paying attention not only to reduce the use of plastic, but also to recycle resources used.

Plastic products, which have been collected as burning garbage so far, will be obliged to work on sorting and recycling in the future.

Regarding the above plastic circulation, a major beverage manufacturer is developing a chemical recycling technology that breaks down the abandoned plastic and plastic bottle to the molecular level and regenerates into a plastic bottle again.

(reference:Sustainable brand Japan

I hope this will take this opportunity to promote more recycling of various resources, including plastic!

3. RICCI EVERYDAY initiatives

Ricci Everyday, learning from Uganda's culture that uses resources without excess, strives to reduce environmental impact.

For example, started in August last yearNAWOLOVUline。 We are developing products that focus on the use of Uganda traditional materials and craftsmanship. Again, we are making things that are conscious of "sustainable".

(1) Barkcloth


Developed bags and pouches using cloth called "Berk Cross" born from Mutuba bark.

About half a year after the bark is peeled, a new bark will be regenerated and can be used again as a material. It is not the end of peeling, but continues as a material that can be played many times.

(2) T -shirts



Striped crochet bag started sales in March.

Here, it is made by woven with surplus cloth when making T -shirts.

Originally, it is a material used for carpets, but this time an original item was born as a bag.

The items that you create while being aware of the patterns and colors are exactly the craftsmanship!

Does it look a bit heavy? It is easy to think, but it is also recommended as a bag for going out because it is light and easy to hold!

Four. At the end

How was it?

We hope that we will continue to communicate as a brand and individuals as a brand and individuals, rather than working on environmental issues that match the trend.

Please tell us about your environment!

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