Thinking about international women's day. From RICCI EVERYDAY to Japanese women

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It has become a lot like spring. I suddenly became warm, so my feelings and my body have not been caught up yet, but I will do it slowly.

By the way, tomorrow, March 8th (Tuesday) is "International Women's Day". This year, Women's March will be held in Tokyo. I would like to participate in Women's March someday.

In this column, we have planned to celebrate international women's day, including the formation of international women's day, so we will introduce that.

table of contents

1. What is International Women's Day?

2. RICCI EVERYDAY and Japanese women

3. Yellow display of Daikanyama direct store

Four. Online Store Special Page Yellow Collection

Five. lastly

1. What is International Women's Day?

International Women's Day is one of the international days approved by the United Nations in the wake of the 1900s American female workers in the United Nations in demonstration in search of suffrage.

The history of feminism is the era of the first wave feminism in the United States.

Women, who were once recognized as "second -class citizens," say, "We give us suffocation! We're the same person! I won't let you say it's a second -class!" I did it.

(Thank you! I'm full of feelings.)

International Women's Day is a day when you celebrate that you are a woman, remembering this history, and still speaks to "inequality".

"Women must know"
"Women must be beautiful"
"The relationship between women seems to be troublesome."

By breaking a fixed concept of women, it may encourage women and people to the liberation.

RICCI EVERYDAY is also active every day to break the fixed concept.

2. RICCI EVERYDAY and Japanese women

RICCI EVERYDAY produces products with the desire to be a place where Japanese women want to find their own personality.

"" I like "rather than" preferred "


As described in this brand concept, RICCI EVERYDAY products are believed in their intuition in search of their own intuition in search of their own "like" rather than the so -called "preferred" style, like a female image required by society. I want you to wear it.


Sometimes I sometimes serve customers at Daikanyama's directly managed stores, but I often hear these words from customers.

"If it's my age, this is flashy ..."

Of course, I sometimes think the same thing with the customer. "Is this style of fashion tough in this year?"

In Japan, women are often required to be young, and I often hear stories such as "I can't do it if I'm over 〇〇."

But if you think about it, it's like an illusion that has been created in the context of society.

That's why we want customers to pursue what they like and enjoy them sincerely.


I hope that the RICCI EVERYDAY will increase the number of women who really like what they like.

3. Yellow display of Daikanyama direct store

To commemorate the International Women's Day, this year, I displayed a corner of Daikanyama's directly managed store with yellow color.


It was exhibited in the image of the yellow of the Mimosa flower, which is a symbol of International Women's Day.

Although it is artificial flower, the Mimosa flowers are also buckwheat. (smile)


It's nice to decide the color and display it accordingly! It's very cute♪

Please take a look when you come to the store.

Four. Online Store Special Page Yellow Collection

We collected yellow items not only at Daikanyama directly managed stores but also in online stores.Special pageI made it!

I collected items based on yellow.

It seems that you can be happy just by looking at it☆

You may be able to come across new items and patterns! ?

Please take a look.

Five. lastly

What did you think?

I would be grateful if you could get to know and be interested in international women's day after the RICCI EVERYDAY. Let's continue to create a better environment with women.

By the way, among the calls at Tokyo Women's March this year, there is a call that advocates anti -war from the war in Ukraine.

According to the United Nations, 1.5 million people have evacuated from Ukraine to neighboring countries.

Many refugees are women and children. As a person, I am worried about the safety of refugees.

Through the International Women's Day on March 8, let's recite peace, thinking about women in the miserable situation, children and other Ukraine people.

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